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Mystery P.I. Lost in Los Angeles

by: Elton Gahr ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Mystery P.I. Lost in Los Angeles doesn't take the series to new levels of entertainment but it still entertains as it did in the previous three editions in the series. All the production values are as high as they were in the first three titles and the game play is still as addictive as ever.

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    The Good Parts of Mystery P.I. Lost in Los Angeles

    Mystery P.I. Lost in Los Angeles is an engaging and satisfying adventure video game 

    Mystery P.I. Lost in Los Angeles takes you back to the hidden object game play you remember from the first three titles in this entertaining and satisfying franchise. The game play is as solid as ever. It's still a very linear experience, but they have included little tricks and clever descriptions that will make you think your way through this game. The objects are challenging to find but not so hard that it becomes frustrating to play. Mystery P.I. Lost in Los Angeles is an excellent video game that takes the franchise along a well developed path to new ground.

    Mystery P.I. Lost in Los Angeles includes three elements that can become quite addictive after awhile. You need to solve the mystery of the missing film and collect all the special keys and film reels you need to unlock two extra game modes.

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    The Bad Parts of Mystery P.I. Lost in Los Angeles

    Many of the objects you need to find and interact with during the 25 levels of play will repeat as you play through the individual levels of Mystery P.I. Lost in Los Angeles. The developers should have made a better effort to make all the objects truly unique as you progress through the levels. This definitely would have given them additional opportunity to increase the depth of the game play and add a few more interesting elements to the entertainment value of this video game.

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    Mystery P.I. Lost in Los Angeles Graphics

    Mystery P.I. Lost in Los Angeles Mystery P.I. Lost in Los Angeles includes 25 stunningly rendered LA locations that have been reproduced in detail for you to interact in. You'll stroll along the beaches of Malibu, drive along Rodeo drive, hang-out on LA movie sets with stars and check out lots of other Hollywood hotspots. The detail in the environments is one of the key elements in the hidden object game play, and it makes finding the objects a lot easier because of the outstanding production values included with this title. The animations of the characters included in this video game are also smooth and realistic. The motions are smooth and realistic looking as they move around the environments and moving around is quick and satisfying.

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    Sounds in Mystery P.I. Lost in Los Angeles

    Listening to the sounds in the environments as you interact in Mystery P.I. Lost in Los Angeles keeps you involved in the action and in the moment. You need to pay attention to the sounds and conversations you have with the other characters to figure out some of the clues you need to find the hidden objects. This really kept me in the action and mystery occurring before I found mystery slowing down and listening to every sound in the environments and word that was spoken to me, so I wouldn't miss a clue I needed. The sound track included has an amazing variety of songs that keep you engaged in the mystery before you. You'll hear energetic sounds during the moments when the action is a little more intense and slower tunes for the moments when you're deep in thought.

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    Playing Mystery P.I. Lost in Los Angeles is a pleasure if you love a good mystery story that provides endless hours of entertainment and useful fun. They have added bonus games that appear after you beat each level that range from crossword and jigsaw puzzles to match 3 objects type games. This added content is a nice extra that adds to the game play and entertainment of beating each level and gives you another reason to play this game again.

    They also included two other modes other than the Classic mode, Unlimited Seek and Find and the Match 3 bonus game. The Unlimited mode takes you through all 25 included levels without the pressure of the 17 hour time limit that you have in the Classic mode. This will give you more time to find the 2100 hidden objects included in this video game and many more hours of hidden object game play fun.

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    The Final Word

    gameplay Mystery P.I. Lost in Los Angeles 

    Popcap and SpinTop Games have done an excellent job making Mystery P.I. Lost in Los Angeles another great title in this franchise. They haven't done much to improve the hidden object entertainment you first experienced with this title but then it was an excellent game already. Hardcore gamers who have already experienced this franchise can expect another outstanding mystery that will keep them entertained. Casual gamers who enjoy this kind of video game will find this to be the best title of its type available on the market.

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