Mystery PI: Vegas – Review of Private Investigator Puzzle Game, Mystery PI: Vegas

I loved this game! (5 out of 5)

While PI (Private Investigator) work is also right up my alley, it is more than that fact that makes me like the heck out of this game. Not only is this game challenging, but it’s fun as well. You are actually working for a goal and you have to really work hard to find some of the tiny items, such as keys, in the puzzles. Here is my user’s review for those of you who are interested in this online PC game.

Game Basics: In Mystery PI: Vegas, you are a PI who is searching different areas for clues to help solve a crime. In each different scene (such as the crime scene, a back alley, or a dressing room), you will have a list of 10 different items that you have to find. You will also be looking for a fingerprint in each area (which isn’t always easy to spot) as well as a key and poker chip. Players will also find that sometimes the item on the list is a written word, and not a picture of it – or they might find that the item on the list is actually a clue to what the item is. Yep – just like a real PI, you will be searching for items, words, and other things to solve the puzzle. As you progress through the levels, you will get to a part of the puzzle where you have to solve a special item so that you can finish up that specific area of the game. These are also fun, even when they don’t involve finding objects.

Graphics: I was really surprised at the graphics in the game. The items are so well put together in the pictures that there were times I had to call my kids over to help me find things, just for a fresh pair of eyes. The puzzles were all fun to play, no matter if I solved them alone – or with helpers – yet they weren’t too hard that kids couldn’t play them as well as adults. Whoever did the graphics and placed the items in the puzzles did a great job here.

Overall, I give Mystery PI: Vegas a 5 out of 5 – especially for a puzzle “I Spy” game and I would recommend it to anyone that likes both these types of games and CSI work!