Lords of Evil Review - Conquer The Darkside In War

Lords of Evil Review - Conquer The Darkside In War
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Enter the Land of Zeniken

In Lords of Evil players enter the land of Zeniken. This is a world filled with mystery. The original origin of Zeniken is unknown. For centuries only two races inhabited the land known as the Orcs and the Humans. When the land became overpopulated and resources sparse a civil war broke out among the races. A human rebel organization called the Berserks intensified the violence. During one of their brutal battles against the Orcs a portal gate to the demon underworld was opened. Pit the Lord of the demons rose. He’s determined to take over the land of Zeniken. To do so he must kill off both races turning their souls into demons. Now, the once peaceful land is at arms. A gruesome World War has begun.

Human, Orc, Or Demon?

Human Character in LoE Screenshot

This war torn world has three rival races consisting of the Humans, Orcs, and Demons. Each player must decide what race to fight for. Its completely up to you. The human race are farmers turned soldiers battling for a better future. The Orcs are known to be skilled at weaponry with great strength. The demons are powerful evil entities set for total world domination. Users can select the race that fits their gaming personality best. A instant message box is built-in the interface for players to chat conveniently with other fellow humans, orcs, or demons. Get ready to battle for your territory and race.

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

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Lords of Evil is a free MMORPG. Players build their own empire with a fantasy theme and later wage war online against other MMO gamers. In LoE lumber, Ore, gold, and gems aid in accomplishing tasks. New users receive a special gift of these supplies which assists in constructing their territory. Lords of Evil features an advanced guild and auto leveling system that allows a player’s character to continue training after they’ve logged out. A brief tutorial by Ila the fairy explains the art of upgrading which plays a key role in building up your empire. Players have the option to accept various mission to earn extra gold as well. Instruct your military to attack and eliminate other player’s army. It’s a fun game once you’ve built up your troops.

Graphics & Sound (3 out of 5)

Lords of Evil User Interface Screenshot - free MMORPG

The graphics and sound is minimal in Lords of Evil. The graphics feature a few beautiful flash images that depict the land of Zeniken well. Lords of Evil’s user [interface](https:// http//www.brighthub.com/video-games/mmo/articles/29884.aspx?p=2) is nicely done with a couple cool features. The optional Ila the fairy who gives the opening tutorial flutters across the screen leaving a trail of glittering pixie dust. It’s also a convenient Complain button in the interface for disgruntle gamers to voice their opinion.Overall for the limited amount of graphics LoE is well-designed. When it comes to sound there is none. Lords of Evil has no special sound effects or background music that players can enjoy. If the silent bothers you it might be helpful playing a few of your favorite songs on the PC to set the mood.

Precious Gems - Optional Subscription Model -

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In a land of magic precious gems are currency. You need them to help buy the necessary supplies and upgrades for your empire. It’s difficult to wage war without a massive army behind you. Gems are required to cast powerful spells, speeding up the building process, and adding fellow troops. I recommend starting a Ray Flames gaming account if you really want to go far in this game. It makes the process of purchasing gems less complicated. The user interface will take you to the gem exchange area where bundles are sold anywhere between $5 to $200 USD depending on how much you want to spend.

Overall Rating - Lords of Evil (4 out of 5)

Overall Lords of Evil is a good game. The storyline and the gameplay is innovative. A mystical virtual world with demons, orcs, and humans fighting to the death creates a fantasy rpg that anyone can easily enjoy. This game slightly reminds me of the PC game Lords of Magic with the magic spells. LoE is not simple. It’s a complicated game that requires substantial skill and gems. Lords of Evil keeps gamers challenged. However it does lack in the sound department.Players who enjoy other Ray Flame Games like Banish Land and Holy Castle will be thouroughly entertained in Lords of Evil too. If you’re into strategy this free [MMORPG](https:// http//www.brighthub.com/video-games/mmo/articles/29883.aspx) might be what you’re looking for.