Flash PC Game Review: Sonny

Flash PC game review: Sonny (4 out of 5)

Role playing games in a Flash platform are quite rare. Armor games have done some justice by unleashing Sonny, a turn-based RPG flash game that has decent voice acting, a good animated storyline, excellent effects and graphics as compared to any other Flash RPG. The player is free to roam anywhere , exploring strange new worlds and to engage in exciting tactical turn-based battles.

In Sonny, Gamers play the role of a zombie named Sonny who wakes up and finds himself on a ship with no memory of his past life, nor any idea of his mission. After an intriguing and long storyline told through dialogue, gamers jump in a battle scenario gaining expertise and weapons and adding additional characters to their list for future levels.

The battle sequences in Sonny are turn-based giving players a chance to add additional characters that have their own abilities to the party. Players can even purchase weapons, upgrade their armor, earn experience, search for fire power and choose their talents in the ability tree

The controls are generally very easy in sonny as players have to navigate and destroy enemies with the help of a mouse. Players have to click on allies or enemies and a circular button appears around them with many choices. The AI comes up with three different modes, aggressive, tactical and defensive. The game has different abilities to choose from. Players are allowed to choose the desired ability from 30 different abilities. Players have to win battles through strategy and select a good action setup to fight with enemies and move on to the next level. Another important aspect of Sonny is the solid voice acting that gives a better idea of the journey.

WhileSonny has a roaming mode and a world map, players cannot explore or discover new worlds or areas. RPG’s are popular not only for its battle scenes but also for discovering fascinating new worlds and meeting unexpected foes while going in unexplored areas. Sonny lacks such exploration and discovery consisting of limited buttons with boring background images. Actually, the entire gameplay is based on battles which have a very good difficulty level. Players are kept wondering whether a win is possible or not.

Overall, Sonny has a lot of depth than a typical Flash game. I recommend this game.