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24: Walkthrough for the PS2 Game

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This walkthrough guide you through the time period 6 AM to 7 PM of the 24: The Game. It includes details and spoilers that will give you the edge you need to complete these intense sections.

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    6 AM to 7 AM

    24 the Game boxshot Storming the Ship

    This is the first level of the game, but you will think you just stepped into the fire. The game throws you into the heat from the opening moments. Take your time and practice shooting your opponents in the head as this will be an important aspect to the game play through out the game. Once you're outside on the deck you will be on the clock and only have four minutes until the Ricin is released. Begin by shooting the man waiting beside the explosive barrels to remove him from the equation. Your squad will let you know about the bomb when you reach the end. Now head upstairs and stand in the yellow circle. Bonus in this stage is a SWAT Member character.

    The Ricin is Going to Blow

    You should certainly obtain the bonus in this section, but you will only have 45 seconds to complete the puzzle in this stage. Take a look at the diagram before you start. You have to trace the colored wires from the yellow box back to the beginning. After you begin choosing boxes, the timer starts and will continue until you make another pick. You will be safe once you make it to one of the three yellow boxes. Bonus is an interview with Reiko Aylesworth movie.

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    7 AM to 8 AM

    Chase Found Out
    In this part of 24 the Game you need to keep the guards away from the switches because your battle will become a lot more difficult (if they are able to trigger an alarm). Chase needs to destroy four comm points during this scenario. Make sure to check out the cut-scenes because they show you the location of each comm. point when you enter the room. Ascend the ladder you will find in the large circular room. Once you enter the bunker hub room, you will see a cutscene showing a person just standing around on the second level by the alarm. You need to use a head shot on this person or stealth to sneak up on him and remove him from the game. Once you have destroyed the fourth comm point grab the green Security Room Key Card and backtrack to the door that's highlighted in red near the beginning of the stage. Expect to be confronted by several guards on the way back. Once there use the security card key to open and enter the door. Locate the yellow base lockdown switch and activate it (the time limit will cease). Now head next door and use the elevator located there. You can drive the jeep, but it will be easier to run and gun your way. Tarket (the first target) will be located at the bottom of the ramp with his men. Tarket is a coward, so he will hide behind a cement column and try to look out and shoot at you. Carr is the second target. You can find him at the bottom of the last ramp being protected by his men. He's also a coward and will jump behind the crates and shoot. Once you have killed Carr, the clock will start and you will only have two minutes to run back to the ramp marked "Exit" and stand in the yellow circle. The bonus for this stage is the Carr character.
    You Need to Follow Daniels
    You need to move fast to get to Daniels place before Daniels can escape. If you're not sure of the direction, select the L2 button to bring up the city menu. Once you find his place, Daniels will try to get away. Follow him and make sure you don't lose him when he tries to make sudden moves into the alleys. He will eventually reach the freeway, and at this point his men will start firing at you from the back of the car. Stay back a bit and avoid the exploding cars. After he leaves the freeway, Daniels will drive into an underground parking lot. The 24 the Game bonus for this part is the Tarket character.
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    9 AM to 10 AM

    Talking to Daniels

    While you're interrogating Daniels the conversation will suddenly stop and the graph will move up to the forefront. At this time you should make a button selection. Daniels will become agitated and will pull back a bit from the conversation, drifting away from the "Safe Zone." Bring him back using the X button or get him all worked up by implementing the "Triangle" button. Stay away from the "Square" button though until you get the stress line back in the "Safe Zone." Keep an eye on the green meter to the right as it will rise whenever you're successful in getting some information out of Daniels. At the point where there's only one green bar left to fill on the green meter, you're entering the Breaking Stage of this mission. The stress line will be moving around randomly up and down the graph and you have to press the O button when the stress line is inside the "Safe Zone". The bonus for this mission is the Robert Daniels character.

    Finding the Snipers

    Locating potential snipers in the buildings around the VP's motorcade requires you to use Sniper-scan. Take your time and go through each floor in every building, one at a time. Snipers will have to be looking out a window near the exterior of a building and will be along the route of the motorcade, so make sure you get the right individuals. You will receive the Chloe O'Brian character as the bonus for this mission.

    Removing the Enemy

    There will be two different waves of snipers to deal with that will be sent in the Michelle. You need to ensure that there aren't any civilian casualties during this mission. There will be two individuals identified as civilians. You can implement the right analog stick to zoom in or out on the targets to get a better view. The bonus character for completion of this 24 the Game mission is the Vice President Prescott character.

    The country is in trouble and your the only one who can save it

    24 hours of fast paced adventure

    Your in a race against the clock

    Jack Bauer is in trouble again!

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    10 AM to 11 AM

    Discovering the PDA

    This mission is actually quite simple to complete. All that's required is for you to select the X button after the yellow circle lands on a blue block and the O button after it lands on a red block. The pace will pick up as the mission progresses, so it becomes harder to ensure that you don't press the button too late as its switching to another block. After this part you will be greeted with the familiar Sequence Analyzer puzzle. The bonus character for successfully completing this mission is the Sean Walker character.

    Ho Shin's Place

    The important thing to take into consideration when going for a high score in this mission is the Property Damage. You will have to talk with an individual to get into the backroom to find Mr. Shin.To get through this conversation quickly follow this sequence, Selection 2, Selection 3, Selection 2, Selection 1, Selection 3. You will then be given access to the back room to locate Mr. Shin, but you'll see pretty quickly he was the man you were just talking to. Move back into the store area and you will see Mr. Shin trying to escape through the side door into the alley beyond. Should you have thought ahead and have the Run button already pressed down, you should be able to immediately get behind Shin. Shin is a slippery character who will make a quick right turn and grab a trash can bin to put in your way. Move to the left as he does this and you might be able to quickly and painlessly apprehend Shin as he comes back around into the alley. If you aren't able to do this, it is likely to be a long and difficult chase to catch Shin, as he will put everything he can in your way. Keep chasing him and you should be able to catch him. Should it take you too long to catch Shin, a car will run him over, and you'll be left without your suspect or any information he might provide. The bonus for this mission is the Ho Shin character.

    Getting to Lee Jin Yu's Apartment

    There will be a car located and waiting for you just outside the alley way, so just get in and travel to Jin Yu's apartment as soon as possible. You will receive the Dr. Kevin Tyson character as the bonus for completing this 24 the Game mission.

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    11 AM - 12 PM

    Use your P7 pistol as soon as you begin this stage. You can't afford a stray bullet ruining your chance at being successful in this level. In order to achieve a high enough ranking in this mission you have to restrain five civilians and five enemies, so don't immediately shoot everything you see. Implement the R2 button and make sure Almeida is screaming at whoever he sees. You can use the side of doorways as protection as you move around. Once you reach the last room, there will be an individual holding Lee Jin captive. You should take out any bad guys other than him first, and then take out the guy watching Lee with a precise shot to his head and the mission is over. The bonus is a TV advertisement of 1 movie.

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    12 PM - 1 PM

    At this point in 24 the Game You're trying to bring Lee Jin in and are aggressively chased by a white car and a gray van in the next mission. You should travel onto the freeway via a nearby tunnel. Just follow the yellow dots that are on screen and you will make it to the right place. Turn left when the dots leave the freeway and go to the CTU. To succeed in this mission you need to keep your damage below $1000, which shouldn't be hard since the scoring is pretty easy.

    You will be stopping a metro attack in this next mission, so warning and restraining civilians plays a big part in its success. You need to order your squad mates around, but keep an eye on them. Squad mates have a tendency to shoot and not ask questions at all. You may end up telling them to stay behind at times because of mission requirements. Carefully move through the subway station to complete this mission. You will encounter a civilian being held at gun point by one of the enemy, so squeeze off a nice head shot and take him out. Once you reach the final subway platform, a cut-scene will play of Caine escaping down the subway tunnel. This signals the start of a two minute time limit before Caine releases the gas, so you have to capture him before then. Eliminate the lesser goons and then follow him down the tunnel. If a train comes tuck yourself in the handy alcoves on the side of the tunnel to stay out of the way. Near the end of the tunnel you'll find a door. Open the door and keep going to the end and you should find Caine and automatically capture him.

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    1 PM - 2 PM

    24 the Game screenshot  Michelle is capable with a fire arm and she isn't required to capture anybody, so kill all the enemy thugs you find here. You can tell Kim to wait if you want to go ahead and take out the bad guys. If you come across any CTU employees in need of help you have to stop and help them. They will manage to take one employee captive so hold your fire unless you know what you're firing at. You will find one opponent in the conference room inconveniencing a group of people. Use the stairway to go downstairs to the first floor, but make sure Kim doesn't get hurt. Travel through the boiler room and stand in the glowing circle by room M3 (the panic room) and the mission will be over. The Michelle Dessler character is the bonus for this mission, now what can we do with her.

    At this point in this walkthrough for 24 the Game, take the Stun gun with you and go through the door. A cut-scene will show of two guards walking down the hall. Move through the room labelled "Briefing P3 R4" to make it quickly through this area. Take out the Circuit Breaker device to open the door, and sneak up behind the guard located in the next room and stun him unconscious. You will be told by the game to hide the body, but you can safely skip this and follow the yellow marker to the stairs. Once you reach the third floor, hide by the shelf 24 the Game action shot upon entering the hall and wait. One of the guards will walk right up to the shelf and turn around, so stun him when he turns. The guard you just stunned has a M5K Deutsche that you can grab, but if you want to go for the stun option, you need to stun three more guards. Stay in stealth mode if you want to make it to the vents without being discovered. You don't want to make noise when traveling through the vents, so don't press Up all the way on the right analog stick or Kim will run through the vents and alert everybody. Push forward a bit as you push Up part way and she should walk slowly. Once you make it outside your going to need a firearm. You will see two thugs standing by the computers, take them out and then cross the room to the second vent you need to travel through. It will be good to be finished with the vents, so stretch and then go into the office and stun the guard working at his computer. After making it to the hall, move into the side room and you should hear guards. Hide by the door and take care of the guard as he comes past the door. The second guard will be facing the opposite way in the hall, a really easy chance to practice using stealth. After you make it to the main CTU floor, go into Almeida's office and grab the green Data Room Access Card key. To complete the mission go to the Data Room, on the same floor.

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    Every hour is intense 

    Michelle is actually pretty good with a gun 

    Action is non-stop 

    Lee Jin has been taken hostage 

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    2 PM - 3 PM

    There's no surrendering in this next part, eliminate all of the enemy you encounter. You need to make it to the stairs first, almost the same path Kim took earlier. Expect the enemy to put up a fight as you make your way, but you're quite the fighter and can handle this part pretty easy. Look in the storage room. Watch out for the three gunmen that will attack you. Use the health station you find there if needed. Hustle to the third floor and head to the restroom. Grab the Adrenalin Pack, you're going to need it for the helicopter battle ahead. Your locked and loaded, so don't sneak through the vents. Take the enemies out with your weapons. You'll eventually reach the armory, at which point Jack will say the pass code for the door (710538). Take all the weapons and ammo in the armory (don't forget the body armor). Time to hustle again. You only have two minutes after this to travel the stairway to the roof. There will be some resistance as you make your way through. Make sure you have the Body Armor together and on by the time you take on the helicopter. This helicopter is the toughest battle in 24: The Game for Jack. However, once you get the necessary moves down you'll wonder why you thought it was so hard. The important thing to remember is to stay on the move and use the large square structures on the rooftops for cover when the helicopter is shooting its machine guns. The helicopters machine guns fire in bursts, so between the bursts you can fire back. When you peek after the first burst, lock on to the helicopter with L1 and keep the button held down the entire time so you'll always have the helicopter in your scope when you step out to attack. The helicopter will come down on occasion and upload a few men. Take this chance to fire a few rounds into it. If you get the helicopter down to minimal health and it isn't dead, it will fly high into the air and try to take you out from above. Aim your gun high, almost at a 12 o'clock position to lock on and fire away. If you've been locked on the entire time, the helicopter should be dispatched before unloading more men.
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    2nd Part of the Hour

    In the next part you have to go around the police blockade to get onto the freeway. Once on, just follow the freeway signs to "Koreatown West". The police chasing you use a side-swiping strategy that you can easily stay out of the way of, if you time them right. Just reduce speed as they approach and turn the wheel away from the cop as he turns toward you and the cop car should swerve into the wall. Stay out of collisions if possible. They will slow you down, so focus on the road ahead. Once off the freeway you will encounter two more road blocks that you should smash through. After reaching Koreatown, the cops start to get desperate and turn up the heat, so it will be hard to shake your chasers and make it to your destination. Swerve in and out of traffic to lose the five cop cars on your tail and hopefully a few of them will crash and burn. Use the cops desire to stop you at all costs to your advantage. Once all is clear you will see a tall yellow beacon appear in the alley allowing you to make the switch.

    You will be going through a decoding process involving three parts that you must execute in the next part. The first part you've already seen, except this time the triangle button has been added to correspond to the extra green block. In the next part, Tony will call out two sets of numbers which need to be input using the keypad. If you have to you can always Options menu and turn the subtitles on! The third part is a puzzle which involves planning and memorizing a connection pattern from "Start" to "Target" before the preview time runs out (around 30 seconds). You need to memorize the location of the bad nodes so you won't connect to them by mistake when it's time to assemble them. Fortunately, you have three tries to complete the process correctly.

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    3 PM - 4 PM

    You only have 2 minutes and 15 seconds to make it to your next destination during this next part of 24: The Game adventure. Move as fast as you can and get in the black SUV and then drive like Mad Max, otherwise you'll be late. Once at your destination just walk inside and talk to the receptionist behind the counter. Tell her you're part of the tour. Explain to her that you're late ask her give you the pass since you're tardy. She will ask if you're Mr. Linnel. Tell her yes, she won't know. You need to hand in your weapon to get in. Just hand it over like it's something you've been doing for years. Now that you're in, find the tour group beyond the security gate and get in line with them. Stay with them for awhile. Don't wander off from the group until they make their first stop. You'll be alerted by Madsen to the location of lockers in the room you need to check out. Move over to the lockers and he'll give you the pass code you need (892591) to access the locker in question. Open the locker and take the Agency Security Pass left within. Quickly join up with the tour again before somebody notices your absence. The tour goes upstairs at this point and stops to take a break on a balcony, which is your opportunity to move. Enter the room you just went by with the tour and you'll find a computer on the right. You don't have to stress over the guard on the split screen. Hold down the button until the computer is finished working and then get back to the tour. Once the tour moves on to their next stop, move off and down the hall a little farther and you'll find a guard around the corner that you need to dispatch. Remove his security card and leave his body behind the chairs on the yellow circle marker. You need to make note of the camera and stay out of view, if they see you the gig is up. Now head back to the tour. The tour will eventually stop in the cafeteria for a little refreshment. Leave the tour and head over to the security check marked by the yellow circle. Head to the Equipment room after this and implement the Circuit Breaker to crack the door open. The area you're about to enter has thermal sensors, so standing still isn't advisable for long here. Take the Sat-Uplink Cable off the shelf with the cardboard boxes sitting on it. Hack the Tech Room door and make your way inside. You don't have much time, so run fast and grab the files. Get out of there since they now know your here and are looking for you. Lastly, open the security door by the stairway area and move past the thermal detectors to the stairs leading to the roof. Once on the roof, hook-up the satellite dish and input the codes as Madsen recites them for you.
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    4 PM - 5 PM

    In this section of 24 the Game, be prepared for a long car chase. You have three different cars to drive: the fast and nifty sports vehicle, the official police car or the family SUV. Speed is important, but remember if you go this route that while you can outrun the chasers, you need to keep it between the lines because if you damage your vehicle you'll slow down. Drive onto the freeway and just use the handy "Koreatown South" signs on the freeway to make it to your destination. Escaping your chasers is once again a challenge here. You need to weave in and out of traffic and quickly hand brake around corners to get away. Look for the yellow beacon by your safe house. Once you see it, you're home free. During this mission Chase has to make sure that Madsen is protected or you will fail to complete the mission requirements. You need to ascend the water tower and use the sniper rife left there next to the dead guy to kill all the enemies that appear. Targeting the yellow explosive tanks is a good way to take a few out. Use this to your benefit. Eventually, a armored truck crashes through the building and Madsen will ask that you come over and make sure he's safe. Take the MSK Deutsche sitting by the entrance and blast away at the people below. The enemy will just keep coming through the door. Eliminate them all to protect Madsen.

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    5 PM - 6 PM

    Keep a firm hold on your gun, but in this stage stealth is the necessary element for success, otherwise you'll just be dead. Put away the Stun gun or you'll scare the wits out of the office workers. Walk in and up to the receptionist's desk. Wait a few seconds while she finishes what she's doing, but wait quietly. She's not the brightest light bulb in the office world, so she'll get up and leave you alone with the green Laboratory Scan Card. While she's in the back grab the card and then go back to where you were standing. The receptionist will come back out and then leave again, so just use the card key to enter the laboratory. Upon entering immediately hide behind the water cooler, evade the guard, and then leave the room through the nearest door. In the room you enter the office workers will probably ignore you for a while, but eventually if they see you too much they'll call security to talk to you, so keep on the move. Move through the room like your suppose to be there, out to the hall and then hide in the storage room, where you'll stay until a guard moves by. After the guard passes, slowly walk across the courtyard and into the other section of the facility. Once in the laboratory, wait until the scientist turns his back and then you can move across the room. You don't want to be seen by any of the scientists. They'll scream like girls for security to protect them if they see you, and certainly push the panic button. Moving through the laboratory takes stealth. Use the cement columns to provide you with areas to hide from the view of the scientists as you move about. Once you reach the Retinal Scan Secure Zone you'll be required to complete the Circuit Breaker puzzle to open the door. Security has installed security cameras in the next area of the laboratory, so note the location of the cameras and hide behind objects to travel through the various rooms. In the room with the scientist you have to sneak into the small room next door and grab the synchronizer. Be careful as you move through the rest of the stage. As long as a scientist has his back to you, you can pretty well just walk through. Use Stealth to get past the chimpanzees or their screams will alert security. Okay, now you can grab the Stun Gun if you need to and use it on the remaining guards on your way out.

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    6 PM - 7 PM

    In this next session you'll be questioning Donna, but unfortunately due to her years of drug abuse she's a difficult subject. Keep her attention or she'll drift off into her own reality, so keep the questions coming. Donna will suddenly become agitated after answering a few questions and the graph will start moving erratically up and down. Don't push the square X or triangle button to steady her mind, instead hit the square button exactly on the safe zone while the line is swinging up and down. You'll also need to nail the Break button right on for it to work. Should you repeatedly miss the safe zone as she's getting upset, Donna might become unresponsive and the questions will have to start again. Del Toro's pad is filled with junkies carrying heat and by all means take out the violent thugs, but you should restrain the less aggressive junkies as you would civilians. Move through the rooms by using the doorways and environmental objects as cover, but watch out, your enemy is a lot smarter at this stage of 24: The Game. The battle will make its way to the top of the building and you'll face considerable opposition that finishes with a final shootout.