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24 The Game - Tips and Hints For the PS2

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Use the hints and tips in this article and you'll soon achieve the 'Special Agent" status that makes playing 24 The Game a lot more fun and challenging to play. We'll introduce you to the mission rankings system and provide information on how to beat the game.

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    About 24 The Game

    There's fun in this box! 

    24 The Game is a PS2 title that entertains and informs players of events that occurred between Season 2 and Season 3 of the hit TV drama. It also provides you with answers to questions left unanswered at the beginning of Season 3.

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    Hints & Tips

    You can choose to quickly shoot your way through the games missions. However, to get the most out of this game you need to achieve "Special Agent" status. Follow these tips to help you out.


    The key to attaining an excellent "Accuracy Rating" is to stay away from using shotguns (they spray too much), and to concentrate on headshots with your pistol. Assault rifles and machine guns should also be handled carefully, since they often continue to keep firing bullets even after your target is down.

    Dealing with Suspects

    Occasionally during a mission you will be required to take a suspect in, rather than liquidate them. In order to achieve this, shoot them in the chest a few times and implement the R2 button, which allows you to issue a command to surrender. The occasional person will ignore this command and shoot at you, but the majority will drop their weapons and raise their hands into the air. Once they raise their hands, just walk up to them and push X to restrain them and take them away. You can even restrain civilians if you tell them to take cover using the R2 button.

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    There are a slew of bonus features for PS2 fanatics to attain, such as production art and interviews with members of the cast of the popular TV series. Once you finish each mission you can even replay it for friends, family and foes to watch by picking "Missions" in the previously on 24 menu.

    Mission and Performance Rankings

    24 The Game will rate your performance in each mission and provide you with a comprehensive percentage located in the Mission Rankings screen. A score above 90 percent during a mission will unlock a special Bonus Feature that can include character models, art images, and special movies. There are 58 missions and 58 bonuses (one for each mission). The bonuses for each mission are available for viewing by selecting "Missions" in the "Previously on 24" menu.

    There are bonuses if you score above 90 percent on your performance rating for each mission. Matching the scoring criteria for each mission isn't the most important element in achieving a high performance rating. All the missions are different in subtle ways and some game play requirements are more important in achieving a high performance rating. The real important element in this situation is your "Accuracy Rating", which is usually the difference maker. It increases as you progress through the missions and is the aspect of game play you need to concentrate on to achieve the high performance rating you need.

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    Health Tips

    Try not to use Health Packs or tap into Health Stations you find while playing the game. Instead use Body Armor and Adrenalin Packs since they're never counted and the game doesn't penalize you for using them as it does with the Health Station or Health Pack. If you find yourself a little low on health, stick to using Health Stations and filling-up only a portion (a few bars) of your health, since using the pre-packaged Health Packs carries a penalty.

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    24 The Game - Screenshots

    Jack Bauer is busy, can I take a message The President is under attack 24 hours in a day Achieve your Special Agent rating