Prius Online Gunslinger Guide

Prius Online Gunslinger Guide
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Gunslinging for Pros

Another Korean grind-fest has landed on gPotato’s free-to-play MMO portal and it’s managed to pick up quite a following. The name of the game is Prius Online and its shiny character visuals are coupled with classic MMORPG traveling, grinding and questing.

Each of the character classes in Prius Online are attached to a specific gender and race. One of the classes in the game is a marksman, a female gun-slinger who can either take down enemies using dual pistols or long range rifles. This Prius Online gunslinger guide will layout all the details and skills of the marksman, giving gamers a good idea of what to expect when playing as the long-range projectile-based class.

The Play-Styles of the Gunslinger

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Given that Prius Online takes a traditional approach to its gameplay design, there isn’t a whole lot of room for a multi-various build of the classes in the game. While that may seem unfortunate, there are still a few tricks and combo possibilities present using a mix of the Anima skills and the standard character skills.

Being a pistol wielding gunner is one option. You can focus entirely on wielding pistols if you want. The main thrill of being a pistolier is that you will have quick, combo-based attacks at your disposal and the ability to slow-down and pepper enemies continuously with various fast-hitting attacks. Pistols don’t do nearly as much damage as rifles and they lack the range of rifles, as well. However, the ability to attack enemies fast and furiously makes them ideal for group play or debuffing bosses with their movement inhibiting abilities.

Taking to the field as a long-range rifle wielding gunner is another option. Using a rifle enables you to take down foes at a distance and the ability to snipe enemies using powerful yet slow rifle attacks are perfect to wiping out mobs either in solo play or group parties. The rifle is more of a tactical option for players who like to watch the back’s of their teammates and take down opponents who may threaten healers or tanks. The major drawback to the rifle is that the heavy hitting attacks take a while to buff and the slow speeds can leave you very vulnerable to attack.

Being a Combo Player

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You don’t have to actually specifically stick with one weapon type or another. You can actually use both weapons by enabling the Weapon Switching in the option menu that will allow you to instantly equip the required weapon for the skill you use.

Using both rifles and pistols enables your character to quickly balance between hammering enemies with charged rifle attacks and quick combo attacks from the pistols. The only downside is that between charging some attacks with either weapon it can sometimes instantly enable a cool-down on other related attacks, which can create a grave disability for continuous combo attacks.

Anima Abilities and Combos

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There are a few key skills that your Anima can use once you reach level 10, which can greatly increase your viability to fulfill a specific role for your marksman that can vary from being a semi-tank for small mobs or buffing up to deal critical damage to opponents at all times.

A few starter skills that are essential for solo survival or for group play. For instance, the Warmth of Stars skills that increases your basic HP regeneration by 100% is a great skill to have when you’re taking on multiple opponents and need some additional HP regen in between each mob. This skill also works well for continuous mob grinding due to substituting the need for a lot of HP potions.

A debuff Anima skill like Expose is also useful for wearing down opponents and using group skills to get rid of mobs or bosses. Dazzle is another more-than-useful Anima skill that can stun opponents for a few seconds, making this skill both essential and required for PvP or PvE.

Marksman Skills and Abilities

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Level 0 - Pistol Shot: A basic pistol ability that does standard damage.

Level 0 – Called Shot: Does an initial 30% additional damage than your standard range attack.

Level 0 – Rifle Shot: Another basic attack, much like the standard pistol attack except for rifles only.

Level 1 – Wildshot Training: Requires the Quick Draw skill. Adds 10% extra damage to the Quick Draw skill and detracts one second off the cool down.

Level 1 – Quick Draw: Does an initial 20% extra damage from your standard ranged attack.

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Level 1 – Firearm Mastery: Adds an initial 1% chance for a critical strike with a rifle and a 4% attack speed increase for all pistol attacks.

Level 1 – Take Aim: Inflicts 90% additional damage of the standard ranged attack, but takes 3.0 seconds to cool down and 1.5 seconds to charge. A very useful skill for enemies with a lot of life.

Level 1 – Aim Shot Training: Increases the damage of an Aimed Shot by 20% and decreases the amount of MP consumed by 20%.

Level 2 Requires 5 Points Spent In Level 1 Skills

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Level 2 – Lightning Reflexes: Requires Crippling Shot to use. This passive skill can buff your pistol shots with a 33% chance to add a Quick Load effect for all pistol skills, which cuts down skill cool down for pistol attacks by 0.5 seconds for up to 8 seconds.

Level 2 – Crippling Shot: Does an additional 40% extra damage of your standard pistol attack and has a small chance to debuff enemies and cause them to move slow.

Level 2 – Bull’s Eye: Another skill that takes a while to charge, but does an initial 60% additional damage to your standard ranged rifle attack.

Level 2 – No Scope: Adds 66% chance to get Rapid Aim, which increases the speed of any subsequent rifle skills within 10 seconds by an additional 30%.

Level 3 Requires 10 Points Spent In Level 2 Skills

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Level 3 – Shuck and Jive: Requires the Get Outta Dodge skill. This passive skill increases the speed of the Dead Run effect by an extra 50%. A useful skill to use when out-running mobs or getting enough distance to launch an attack from outside an opponent’s range.

Level 3 – Get Outta Dodge: Much like the Ranger skill from Allods Online, this skill enables you to run 50% faster for up to 10 seconds.

Level 3 – Tactical Research: A 30 minute buff that increases your resistance to Magia attacks, increases your MP recovery rate by an additional 3% for 3 seconds every time you hit an enemy with a critical strike.

Level 3 – Payoff: Requires Tactical Research. This skill adds a 1% chance to gain a Vulnerability Finding which gives you a 10% critical chance boost for 8 seconds.

Level 4 Requires 15 Points Spent In Level 3 Skills

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Level 4 – Trigger Happy: Requires In The Zone. Adds a 10% increase to casting Concussion Round while In The Zone is in effect.

Level 4 – In The Zone: Puts a Expert of Shooting buff effect on the player that increases all skill chances by an extra 30% for 20 seconds. This skill has a 120 second cool down.

Level 4 – Iron Sights: Requires In The Zone. While the Expert of Shooting buff is activated all rifle skills get an increased 5% chance of causing a critical strike.

Level 5 Requires 20 Points Spent In Level 4 Skills

Level 5 – Show Stopper: Increases pistol stun by 1 meter and increases healing amount when a pistol is equipped. This is a great skill to have if your build is focused on crowd-control.

Level 5 – Concussion Round: Requires Trigger Happy. This skill does 50% additional pistol damage and can cause an enemy to become stunned. This has a massive cool down of close to a minute, but is well worth it for bosses or crowd-controlling tough mobs.

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Level 5 – Side Swipe: Requires Iron Sights. A powerful melee skill that does 50% additional damage of the standard rifle attack, with a required cool down of an entire minute.

Level 5 – Lower The Boom: Requires Side Swipe. This skill increases the range of Side Swipe by 1 meter and increases accuracy by 5%.

Hopefully this beginner guide to the Gunslinger helped out in deciding how you plan to build your character. You can find more class guides and beginner walkthroughs for many popular and fan-favorite MMOs right here at Bright Hub.


  • Information gained from author experience
  • Images are  from Prius Online