Navy Force Game Guide: Naval MMO browser game warfare.

Navy Force Game Guide: Naval  MMO browser game warfare.
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Building Your Military Base Part One

The first area of Navy Force we will look at is the military base. In this area, you’ll construct various buildings but not ships. Your headquarters in your main building and you need to level this up to increase the level of other structures in your game. The radar center is used during recon and provided you have recon planes, you will get some information about your opponents. Build the warehouse to gain extra storage for your resource and level it up to increase the space. Build the oil refinery to increase your current oil production levels. A fighter wing allows you to build aircraft provided you have the required blueprints for the plane. Level up this structure to gain access to more fighters and other planes to build. A military academy gives you access to officer for recruitment and you can do simulation drills in this building with your naval forces.

Building Your Military Base Part Two

Navy Force

The barracks gives you the ability to build troops. You can build marines, Special Forces, and spies in this building. These troops are used for assault operations on your enemy bases but you need landing craft to use them. Once you switch to naval recruitment, you can build the boatswain, aviation gunner, torpedoman mate, machinist, and general gunner. Each one of these units provides bonuses for your ships in the game. In the barracks, you can also heal soldiers. Build the science lavatory to gain access to various technologies. Each technology has requirements that must be met before you can research it. Build the supplies exchange to buy and sell the various resources in the game. The air raid shelter helps protect your base from air attack during combat operations. Build a bank to deposit and withdraw your gold reserves.

Your Naval Base

The navy base is separate from the military base and is used for building your ships and some trade. Build the general shipyard to begin constructing destroyers, cruisers, frigates, and landing craft. You must have the required blueprints to build ships. If you don’t have blueprints buy some in the game store or if you already have a fleet try some missions to loot one. Build the navy port to mange your ships and lay some mines in your harbor for protection. Use the aircraft shipyard to build an aircraft carrier and the submarine pen to get some submarines up and running. You have some defense installations in your harbor and the ability to conduct trades with your trade port too. You need to buy a merchant ship that is expensive to begin trading with your trade port.

Game Economy

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The resource area of the game is where you’ll get iron, wood, and oil the three primary resources in the game. Be sure to level these building to gain the maximum amount. You will need tons of resources to build your fleets. Copper, Morgan, Tungsten, and Nickel are other resources but you need to trade for these or collect them on the game map in different locations. Use the supplies depot to buy and sell resources or to gain some resource that you need. So for example, you could sell your excess oil to gain more wood. With a merchant ship in your trade port you can also gain more gold by trading with other players. Another way to gain extra resources is to complete the quests from the missions screen.

Ship and Aircraft Building

To build ships and aircraft you’ll need blueprints. You can buy blueprints with some of your initial game cash in the store and you already have a few blueprints to get started. At your shipyard, you’ll build your first ships. Make sure you have the required resources and gold to proceed. Click the ship type you want and as long as you have the blueprint click to build the ship. Once the ship is finished, you’ll need to click it so it moves into the waiting position to become a part of your fleet. Produce your aircraft in the same fashion and use an aircraft carrier to move them. You get also get more blueprints by fighting on the game map but pick low level NPCs so you don’t lose any valuable ships. Be sure to level up the buildings required if you can’t seem to build the ship class you want.

Combat and Simulation Training

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Once you have a few ships you are ready for combat but you first need to assign those ships a commander and create a fleet. Go to the military academy at your base and recruit a commander. Next, go to the unit edit screen and pick a fleet to manage. Pick the first fleet to start and assign your officer a ship by clicking on the icon. Click the blue fleet organization button at the bottom and assign your ships to the fleet you want. You may have to wait some time before your ships arrive from the port before you can use them so be patient. Once your fleet is ready you can click the game map and send your ships to attacks NPCs or other players. Click the ocean you want to explore and send out your fleet from the grid style screen. As you fight, you may loot resources and other materials such as chests or even blueprints for other ships. The military academy where you recruit officers also has another function you can play a “Battleship” style simulation game where you can test out fleets. Put your ships on the grid and try to guess where the other fleet is.


This game has a lot of different parts to it but this guide will get you started playing Naval Force. Be sure to join an alliance to learn from the better game players. The game is new so some of the features may change over time as it develops.


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Source: Article is author’s own xperiences playing Navy Force.