Flotilla Ships Guide - Flotilla Strategy

Flotilla Ships Guide - Flotilla Strategy
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Build Your Flotilla - Strategy

Flotilla is a turn based adventure-strategy game for the Xbox 360 and the PC. The game’s turn based combat depends heavily on positioning. There are several different ypes of ships in the game, and each has certain advantages and disadvantages. Playing to their advantages and shielding against their weaknesses is what will make or break combat.

This guide covers each ship in Flotilla and gives tips on how to best use them.


The destroyer is the most basic ship in the game. By default you start with two of them. It is one of the smallest ships in the game, but is also one of the most agile. It is completely invulnerable to attacks from the front by missiles, but it has few hitpoints, so the destroy goes down quickly to beam weapons or to flanking attacks.

Although weak on paper, the destroyer is a very good ship overall. The fast movement speed means that while beam weapons are a threat, the destroyer is able to out-maneuver beam carrying units. The destroyer is also very effective at flanking large ships like battleships.

This is a very careful dance, however. The destroyer is ultimately a very weak unit offensively and defensively and requires a lot of baby-sitting. Although a fleet of destroyers can be deadly, you’ll probably have an easier time achieving victory if you have at least one more durable ship which can meet the enemy in close combat and take the bulk of damage.

Beam Gunship

Flotilla Ships

The beam gunship is a relatively fast and effective small vessel which fires beams weapons. When you are facing them they are pretty easy to out-maneuver with destroyers, however, when using them against the AI you’ll find that they are very effective against destroyers because the AI often fails to keep the destroyers out of range.

The beam gunship is in fact very effective against any other vessel which doesn’t use a beam weapon. It is particularly effective against torpedo gunships and battleships, neither of which have much hope of keeping out of range. The Beam Gunship is very weak against other beam equipped ships. This is still a small vessel, and the beams of beam frigates and dreadnoughts will quickly take out a beam gunship.

Torpedo Gunship

The torpedo gunship is a like a slower, tougher destroyer. It fires long-range torpedoes that pack a heavy punch, but the torpedo gunship is so slow that it has a hard time getting out of its own way.

Overall, the torpedo gunship feels like one of the weaker ships in the game. The main problem with it is that it is too slow to properly flank opponents and dish out killing blows. The torpedos will simply break on the front armor of any other ship, so the the torpedo gunship is mostly reduced to something of a tank, taking damage on the behalf of other ships. However, even here the torpedo gunship doesn’t see to be ideal. In my experience it seems that the torpedo gunship is very easily hit from the bottom, which means enemy ships will easily take it out if they are able to move even slightly below your torpedo gunship.

Beam Frigate

Flotilla Hints

A big, tough ship with a nasty beam weapon, the beam frigate is meant for frontal assaults. Like the torpedo gunship, the beam frigate is too slow to properly flank opponents. However, because the beam frigate’s beam weapon will simply eat through the armor of opponents it isn’t as big of a deal.

The beam frigate is very effective against beam gunships, torpedo gunships and battleships. It can also be effective against destroyers if it can catch them. As you’d imagine, the beam frigate is fairly evenly matched against other beam frigates. Against dreadnoughts the beam frigate is usually torn to shreds.


Flotilla Tips

The battleship is a very large ship equipped with cannons and torpedoes. It has a ton of hitpoints as well, but as you’d expect it is very slow. The battleship is unique in that it is the only ship in the game which will often fire against different targets with different cannons.

The battleship is best offensively against destroyers, torpedo gunships, and other battleships. The battleship does a ton of damage and can absolutely rip through these vessels if they show their flank to the battleship. The battleship has a chance against beam gunships. While beam frigates are effective against battleships, the battleship can sometimes slightly flank them to score hits, and if the battleship can achieve this the beam gunship will go down quickly.

Beam frigates and dreadnoughts are the prime enemy of battleships. The battleship can’t damage their front armor and even if something gets through, these vessels have enough hitpoints to deal with a few hits. Once the beam frigate or dreadnought is in range, it will rip through the battleship easily.


The dreadnought is a very slow and large ship with a huge amount of hitpoints and two huge beam cannons. It is basically a tank, meant to move in slowly, take the hits and finally obliterate whatever is in front of it.

The dreadnought is most effective against battleships, torpedo gunships, and beam frigates. The dreadnought’s heavy front armor and huge amount of hitpoints makes it very unlikely that a battleship or a torpedo gunship will do much damage before the dreadnought managing to close the gap. The dreadnought is also much tougher than a beam frigate and will have no trouble taking a beam frigate out one-on-one.

The dreadnought is easily overcome by destroyers. It will take some time for the destroyer to kill a dreadnought, but the dreadnought has no chance of catching a destroyer and the destroyer will eventually score some lucky hits. A torpedo gunship can also be effective, but has to be managed more closely to make sure the dreadnought doesn’t come within range. Beam frigates can in some cases be effective because they can flank the dreadnought and hit it from behind.