Pirates of the Burning Sea Combat Guide

Pirates of the Burning Sea Combat Guide
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This Is Not A Caribbean Cruise

Sony Online Entertainment’s once pay-to-play MMO, Pirates of the Burning Sea, is now a free-to-play MMO that offers up plenty of action and adventure for a whole new crowd of gamers. The game offers multi-tiered combat in a number of instanced scenarios that range from storming a fort to grappling onto a pirate ship and overthrowing the captain. This Pirates of the Burning Sea combat guide will walk you through the basics of fighting on both land and sea.

Fighting Styles And Swordplay

The burly brawl

The game actually has a nice variety of different kinds of fighting abilities available for gamers who prefer switching things up. There are four different fighting types for player characters in the game, including dirty fighting, Florentine fighting, fencing and street fighting. Each style is associated with the weapons your character can equip, as well as what skills your character can use.

In a way, the traditional MMO archetypes are divided up with the various styles and each style encompasses a little bit of its own take on old-school roles such as a tank, DPS and crowd controller. For gamers who enjoy classical fights using parries and dodges like a nimble-footed swordsman can do so using the fencing fighting style. With fencing players are enabled to attack and dodge rather quickly using a nice selection of fast-flicking attacks and moves. There are also plenty of stun moves that will blind or prevent enemies from moving for a brief period in order to attack other foes or heal up.

Florentine Fighting And Dirty Fighting


Unlike fencing, the Florentine fighting style is a little less refined and more-so focused on efficiency. It’s still far more classy than dirty fighting but the style focuses entirely on dual-wielding a long and short sword and using consecutive quick attacks to subdue foes.

The Florentine fighting style is certainly a unique one, offering gamers mid-ranged attacks with devastating attacking power from both blades. The nice part about the Florentine style is that it melds nicely for gamers who want to mix and match sword fighting with pistol techniques. The Florentine style is also slightly slower than the fencing style but provides a nice amount of DPS as a balance.

Dirty fighting is an interesting combative style that focuses on tactics and tricks that were used by Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. Instead of honorably attacking and defending, dirty fighting sees the player utilizing tactless efforts like eye-pokes, low-blows and backhanded moves to gain an advantage of a foe by whatever means necessary. If you plan to pirate the seas in the game, being a general menace and whatnot, then dirty fighting will fit the bill of your character quite nicely.

Dodging, Combos and Teammates

Teammates helping fight

One of the big parts of the fighting mechanics in Pirates of the Burning Sea is that much like Champions Online the game utilizes a semi-active dodging/blocking/parry system that requires players to time the use of the skill in order to avoid being damaged or to block or parry incoming attacks. When fighting other pirates on the sea or on land, it’s oftentimes important to know when to activate the parry skill that comes standard with all the fighting styles. The buff enhances the player’s dodge/parry status in order to avoid taking damage, and when fighting multiple opponents without help from teammates this skill becomes absolutely necessary for surviving a fight.

Flanking to board a ship

It’s not all tactics and strategy, though, sometimes there will be relief and some easygoing efforts in the form of teammates who may accompany you depending on the mission or the type of battle you’re in. In battles that take place on the sea you’ll have a set number of crewmates who will join you in melee combat against an opponent. If all of them die it’s possible to call in for reinforcements. However, if you die you’ll lose two stacks of reinforcements, so be sure to measure out when in to call in for reinforcements and whether or not it’s worth it.

Battling In Ships And Survival Tactics

An intense ship skirmish

Pirates of the Burning Sea is a very tactical game. Fighting other NPC opponents or players while sailing in a boat can be an interesting affair given that wind speed, wind direction, boat skills, boat equipment and hull strength all come into play when battling against other ships on the high seas.

Some gamers may have noticed small similarities in the ship to ship combat in Pirates of the Burning Sea and Allods Online‘s astral ship confrontations, which sees players shooting cannons at each other until it’s easier to board or convenient to bury them at the bottom of the ocean. It’s important to keep in mind that you can load up various types of ammo to dispatch of opponents. To load in new fire-types, which can greatly affect how you damage a ship, simply press ‘I’ to pull up the inventory during ship combat and right click on the type of ammo you wish to use to load it into the ship’s artillery.

Jocking for an advantage

The only way to board another ship is to pull up beside it and have both ships slow down. The best way to accomplish this is to shoot out the sails of the opponent’s ship to bring them to a halt (or slow them down) and then use the grappling hook to board their ship. From there, simply use your melee combat skills to make quick work of the captain and his crew to pick up the victory.

Hopefully this beginner guide for combat in Pirates of the Burning Sea has helped you out a bit. If you need more MMORPG guides and combat walkthroughs for other games, feel free to check them out right here at Bright Hub.