MMO War Games: Ministry of War Economic Guide

MMO War Games: Ministry of War Economic Guide
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Ministry of War Economy Basics

In Ministry of War, there are four main types of resources, which include wood, food, stone, and metal. These resources are located outside of your city in the region area. These mines farms, and lumber camps will provide your city with the resources you need to expand your empire. In the early game, it is critical that you spend most of your time upgrading these resource plots and getting a decent population. You should complete all the basic quests in the game, which will grant you your own city where you can begin to develop your economic base further.

Minister of War Economy Part Two

Ministry of War

Build a research academy so you can train valuable technologies to help your growing empire. Heavy plow will bring you more food production and should be your first upgrade. Bow saw will increase wood, pick axe your stone production, and smelting your metal production. The construction technology provides for fasting building, while pallets help protect your resources from being stolen. More buildings will become available as you move up in the ages. While you start in the Savage Age you can still get your economy moving at that stage.


In the Savage Age, you can build a marketplace and begin to turn your excess resources into gold for your growing empire. Use the marketplace to buy resources you need and trade your excess for extra gold. Trades will happen automatically and you can then use the resources you acquire. The marketplace can be a very valuable tool to help you succeed in the game. At higher levels, you can get merchants who travel across the game map world and can bring riches for your cities. You can recruit these in your city tavern. They will gain experience points when you use them and might get better exchange rates, the ability to carry more goods or traveling faster on the map.


You can also improve your cities economy by simply going to war with those around you. This of course carries significant risks but if you are sure of victory, you can gain valuable resources and gold through warfare. For this technique to work properly you should join an alliance for protection in case you are attacked in retaliation.

Game Store

Visit the game store and buy items to help improve your economy. These items can do everything from shortening construction time to providing you with stacks of resources that you may need. For example, you can buy 100,000 units of stone. Be sure you have upgraded warehouses so you don’t lose the extra resources you’re buying. Sometimes these items go on sale so check back for offers that you might need.


Ministry of War is a great browser based war game. The 3D graphics are great and it’s one of the better games for your browser on the market. Be sure to read the guides and join an alliance. It will take you some time before you learn all the different aspects of this great strategy war game MMO.