Browser War Games: Ministry of War Review

Browser War Games: Ministry of War Review
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Game Basics (4 out of 5)

While many browser based war games are all text and simple graphics,This game is in 3D and looks great for a browser game. In the game players can be Rome, China, Persia or Egypt. The game features various quests you can do and the ability to move through ages from the savage age to the empire age which unlock new units, and buildings. This game is a great empire building game and one of the better browser games I have played. The game features contested zones that alliances can fight over and there is a winner in the game before it resets. Other features include NPC lairs, and hero customization options.

Economy (3 out of 5)

Ministry of War

Like many browser games such as Evony, players collect resources. In this game you have food, wood, stone, and iron. Resource plots are located outside of your city which can be upgraded as your city develops. On the world map you can use merchants to buy and sell goods with other cities. Merchants will become available as you reach a higher age in the game. Using merchants can bring your city a great deal of wealth if you use them properly.

Missionaries and Heroes (4 out of 5)

You can help win over people by using missionaries and constructing churches outside your empire. They can also help to keep the influence of other cities outside of your empire. In Ministry of War your cities influence expand much like they do in the Civilization series.The game features great heroes which can lead your armies into battle. Heroes have statistics that can be upgraded and you need this to advance through the ages in the game. Heroes can also have weapons, armor and use special skills in battle.

Technology (4 out of 5)

You have centers in your city that you can use for technology. Using technology will help to improve your economy and allow you to train more advanced units. As you level up in ages more technology will unlock for your civilization.

Combat (5 out of 5)

The game features great combat with full graphic support. In this game there’s no text menus or simple graphics you get full combat capabilities. Battles tend to end up in a mash on units but overall it’s pretty good for a browser game. You can fight inside your territory to level your hero on adventure onto the game map to fight lairs, NPC armies or other players and alliances.

General Game Play and Conclusion (5 out of 5)

There’s plenty of great content in this game and it easily rises above most browser games on the market. The graphics are great, there’s plenty to do, and it’s just plain fun. It is currently just out of beta and live now. Give Ministry of War a try it’s a great browser based game. As this game develops it should get even better.