Kombat Strategies for Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe part 2

Kombat Strategies for Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe part 2
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Falling Kombat – The Falling Kombat minigame is started when a breakaway wall or barrier near the edge of the stage is opened. Falling Kombat resembles Klose Kombat “in the air” – the defender and attacker will each press a button, if they’re different then the attack is successful. But if the defender is able to push the same button as the attacker then positions are reversed, putting the attacker on the defense. A button will appear on screen after you do a few successful attacks, tap this button (LB on the Xbox 360) to perform an unstoppable super move. The attacker can cause a maximum of 30% damage to the defender if he’s able to fill the meter by doing successful attacks before contacting the ground.

Test Your Might – There are other breakaway walls that will lead to Test Your Might, in this mini game the attacker will run through a series of walls, using the defender as his battering ram. While this is happening the attacker and defender will be pushing buttons to play tug of war on the damage meter at the top of the screen. Successfully pulled off you can inflict a maximum of 25% damage on the defender during this mini game.

Rage Mode – Beneath your health meter you will notice another meter that fills as you attack and take damage from attacks, this is the rage meter. If you press toward your opponent while blocking an attack one bar on this meter is used up as you perform a Breaker, which stops your opponents attack, and avoids lengthy combos. Breakers are good for blocking normally unblockable attacks. Rage Mode can also be activated by pressing RT + LT when the rage meter is completely filled and will last for several seconds of intense combat. During Rage Mode you’re immune to any any damage from attacks such as pop-up or knockdown and you will cause extra damage with a successful attack. In addition, your combos will be unblockable after the second hit and Rage Mode will knock a nearby opponent down when first activated. Stay away from an opponent in Rage Mode; evade him as much as possible until his rage subsides.

Jumping Attacks – You can use the various attack buttons in combination with a jump attack and each of these jumping attacks have various effects you need to know. You should use attack 1 with a jump attack to open your opponent to a combos; if you begin the combo immediately upon landing the attack the defender won’t be able to block the attack. Using attack 2 with a jump attack will cause a pop-up attack result, allowing you to continue the attack with an unblockable juggle combo or a number of super moves. Using attack 3 or 4 in combination with a jump attack will cause you to peform a kick, which works well against jumping targets. Press the attack at the end of the jump animation during this attack and the defender could be caught by surprise.

Heroic Brutalities and Fatalities – The virtual finishing move was invented by Mortal Kombat and this game takes the idea to another level. Fatalities are peformed by the Mortal Kombat characters and all of the bad guys from the DC universe, while Heroic Brutalities are finishing moves performed by the DC universe heroes. At this point we would like to note that you can hold the Block button while entering the button commands for a finishing move, which will usually prevent your character from moving out of position. The Block button can also be held when making moves that include the up direction, as it will stop you from jumping in the air.

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