The Lost Kingdom Prophecy - Game Hints and Tips

The Lost Kingdom Prophecy - Game Hints and Tips
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About the Lost Kingdom Prophecy Game

In the kingdom of Rosefal, the Tree of Life is withering away. It is a sign related to a prophecy that the Guardians will no longer provide protection to the lands from evil. As a result Balak the Wizard has appeared with the intention of destroying the kingdom. Determined to stop this from happening, Serena and her friends seek to obtain the Elementals to regain the trust of the Guardians.

Basic Game Play

The Lost Kingdom Prophecy game

The Lost Kingdom Prophecy game breaks up into chapters that have both hidden object and match three levels. In hidden object scenes, you will be required to find pieces that will put together several objects. As each object is completed, it will need to be placed in a location somewhere in the scene. Often times this will reveal additional missing pieces needed to complete the hidden object puzzle. For added help, a hint button is available that will refresh at a moderate pace.

If you are familiar with match three puzzles, the game play is similar to other titles of this type. Your goal is to remove all tiles that are located on the game board. Matches are created by highlighting three or more like pieces in any direction (as long as they are connected to each other). The game refers to this as “chain mechanic.” To help you out further, power ups will become available as you progress through the game. Once you have access to them, they can be activated by making a series of multiple matches. Another feature in the match three puzzle rounds is the Lion. He has the ability to destroy multiple pieces and tiles. To activate him, matches will need to be created that contain tiles. These types of matches will need to be repeated multiple times to fully charge the lion.

Once all of the tiles have been removed, an artifact piece will appear at the top of the match three game board. At this point, more matches will need to be created to quickly drop the artifact to the bottom of the board. After the artifact is retrieved the current match three round is completed.

Game Hints and Tips

  • You will instantly lose any accumulated “charge” on the Lion if a non-tiled match is created before he is fully activated.
  • The game can be played in relaxed and timed mode. If you need to step away from the game without shutting it down, a pause button is available that will stop any actions and time from accumulating.
  • In match three rounds, points are directly related to the size of the chains created. The Lion and the power ups are charged faster by creating larger chains. Smaller chains will still charge these items but it will take longer to activate them.
  • To pick up the third key in Chapter 2 –The Raven Keys, you will need to find all four jewels. Once completed, click on the flashing icon and then click on the Raven to drop the key.
  • To solve the puzzle in Chapter 67, first clear the main game board in the center of its tiles. At this point, one of the tiles outside the main game board will begin to flash. Use the axe power up to hit the flashing tile. Once this is done, remove the remaining tiles through regular chain matches.

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