LOTRO: The Battle for Aughaire – A Winning Strategy for This Demanding Instance – How To Win The Battle Of Aughaire

Buff, Eat, Mount Up

After completing the Ring-Lore of Eregion Quest, which became available with the launch of Book 14, the requisite 70 000 times, The Battle of Aughaire is the first Battle Quest Instance to open up in the latter part of Book 14, followed by the Battle Before the Rammas Deluon and the Battle of Rhunendin.

To beat the Quest, you will want a full, balanced, Fellowship. The main tank and healer will be the gate group, and the other four will be the bulwark group.

Enter the instance, but don’t talk to the NPC yet. Ride around to the three bulwarks and gate so that your group knows where everything is. Return to the NPC, the campfire near him is a good central location where you can regroup between fights. Buff up and talk to the NPC to start the Quest.

The NPC will take off towards the gate, the Fellowship should stay put at the campfire. Shortly thereafter a horn will sound and a message will appear indicating that one of the bulwarks is being attacked. Everyone ride on over there and defend the position. Lore-Masters and Burglars should get forward to mezz or stun incoming Elite Masters. The types of enemy vary randomly, including Spiders and Spider-Keepers, Wargs and Warg-Keepers, Gorthogs and so on, but the type of enemy doesn’t really change the strategy. Take out the attackers, keeping the Elite Masters stunned and saving them for last, quickly. If your group can’t kill them fast enough, a Nemesis ranked Angmarim Warlord shows up and will likely ruin your attempt. Once the attackers are dead, loot, mount up, and head back to the campfire.

When possible, heal NPCs; they fight well and if you lose all of them at one bulwark or 8 in total you fail the Quest. The other way to fail is if you let the Ranger at the gate die.

If the horn sounds and the message indicates that the gate is being attacked while you are the campfire, everyone ride over to help out the NPC at the gate. As the Battle progresses though, there will be occasions where the gate and one bulwark are under attack. This is where the gate and bulwark groups that were set up earlier become important.

If you are defending a bulwark and the message appears that the gate is being attacked, the gate group must IMMEDIATELY run to the gate and help the Ranger. Any delay here is unacceptable and can lose the whole battle: when the message appears, the gate group has to go, not stun then go, or heal then go, just go. The attack at the gate will consist of a powerful named priestess and a few adds. The adds are weak, but the priestess can kill the NPC very quickly if he is fighting her and her friends solo.

The other four people in the fellowship, the bulwark group, will finish the defense of the bulwark then head to the gate to help the pair there finish up. Note that you don’t kill the priestess; once she takes enough damage she becomes un-attackable and flees, only to return in a later attack on the gate. With the gate safe, head back to the campfire and wait for the next attack.

If the Fellowship is defending the gate and a message announces that a bulwark is being attacked the process is reversed. The bulwark group immediately leaves combat to defend the bulwark being attacked. Whenever either group is done, they go help the other group. When both groups are done, go regroup at the campfire.

Keep that up for a half-hour until the clock runs down and you win the Battle of Aughaire. Don’t talk to the NPC to travel out just yet though; if you wait about 3 minutes, one of those Nemesis Warlords of Angmar will show up. This time though, you have already beaten the Quest so there is nothing to worry about defending and you can get your whole Fellowship to beat on him simultaneously, particularly since he shows up by himself. See if he drops anything good, then talk to the Ranger to travel back to GF. Talk to him again for your reward: a Mark of Victory at Aughaire and some Council of the North Reuptation.

The subsequent Quests, the Battle Before the Rammas Deluon and the Battle of Rhunendin, are harder, but you will need the rewards from them to barter for the nicer jewelry items.

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