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Become a leader of men.

Captains are strong leaders, capable of pushing the power of their fellowship to new heights while keeping everyone together. Paired with a minstrel, they can create groups that are almost unstoppable. They wear heavy armor, and many favor using two handed weapons to increase the amount of damage that they do. They have numerous healing abilities that can both provide instant morale recovery and healing over time, and even an ability to bring a fallen ally back into the fight in the midst of battle, usable once every thirty minutes.

Their herald, a squire slightly lower level than the captain himself, provides extra damage and defensive capabilities to the party. They tend to have approximately half the total morale of their master. The herald can carry a variety of banners that have different effects on the captain and his fellowship, such as improved morale regeneration, critical hit chance, damage, and power regeneration. They can name a single target in their fellowship their “shield brother,” which allows the captain to target them with a special series of abilities that improves the amount of morale they receive from healing along with some of their offensive and defensive abilities. The shield brother mechanic is best used on the character that’s tanking for the group, but it can be used in other situations as well.

Captains also have access to the motivating speech ablity, which increases the maximum morale of their party by a full 5%. Captains are also capable of reducing the amount of threat that their abilities produce.

Thanks to their heavy armor, captains make excellent group healers with high survivability. Even if they draw the attention of their enemies, they can offload the damage to their herald or take a bit of a beating themselves. The threat they generate can help to protect the lighter armored minstrels in the group that might otherwise draw a lot of threat from their group healing powers. The captain’s battle cries and heralds help to keep the group operating at top efficiency, and their tactics abilities that buff the party can help the fellowship adapt to whatever the situation calls for.

Their melee attacks often carry buffs for the fellowship along with them, so it pays for the captain to stay in the thick of things while they command their party. The captain is an excellent choice for those players who enjoy playing a central role in the group, being able to heal while still putting out significant damage and commanding a pet.

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