The Lord of the Rings: Mines of Moria Minstrel’s Guide to Choosing Class Traits

The Lord of the Rings: Mines of Moria Minstrel’s Guide to Choosing Class Traits
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Watcher and Protector Split

Our previous article explained why we wanted to max out the Protector of Song, and slot two Traits in the Watcher of Resolve, Minstrel Class Trait Lines. We also explained why we are skipping the Warrior-Skald.

Protector of Song

There are only two really nice Class Traits in this line, but the rest are pretty good. The ones you definitely want are Glorious Anthem and Strength of Voice, which increase the duration of your Anthem and Ballad effects, by 15 and 10 seconds, respectively. There are a lot of nice buffs from Anthems and Ballads.

Now, we need three more to get all the nice Protector Line buffs and the Legendary Trait. Smooth Voice is excellent if you aren’t doing ANY soloing, since it makes your Ballads buffs Fellowship-wide, but they don’t do any damage. Heralded Resolve is nice for the Heal buff on Herald’s Strike, particularly when soloing or at lower levels.

Flow of Harmony is a good choice. Since you always have a Tale up, especially the Improved and Legendary versions you get from the Protector of Song line, the Power cost discount is nice. Battle-Hymn is nice, giving you increased regeneration when you use Anthem of the Valar. That’s good, since Anthem of the Valar can often draw agro.

Lyrics of Bravery gives a nice Fear Resist buff. Heralded Saviour improves Song of Aid, which doesn’t get used much.

The Watcher of Resolve

In order to get the 5% Power discount on healing, we’re going to pick two from the Watcher of Resolve Line. You can’t go wrong with any two of the following:

Life-Singer: for an extra %10 healing Power cost discount.

Subtle Movements: for less agro.

Focused Performance: for shorter Inductions. Remember the heals you use most often have Inductions, as does your Rally (combat rez).

The Warrior-Skald

Though we have skipped on Class Traits from the Warrior-Skald Line, that is for an end-game, level 60 Minstrel. While you are leveling, and likely doing more soloing, there are other choices to consider while earning your Class Traits and the seven slots they go in.

The obvious pick is Medium Armour use. And you will want to keep it until you start getting class specific drops from raids and Moria instances, which are all light for Minstrels. That is when it is time to drop the Medium and wear the best Light armour you can find.

For soloing, a lot of Traits can toughen you up. Tempo of Bravery gives a nice In Combat Moral Regeneration buff, Enduring Moral just raises total Moral. If you need more DPS, consider Herald’s Hammer for double damage on Herald’s Stike, or better still, Light in the Dark, for a 10% damage buff on all your Ballads. Unrelenting gives Piercing Cry a short stun and increases its crit chance by 25%.

Powerful Voice reduces Cry Power cost by only 5%, and Cries aren’t used all that often. If you find you are grouping more, consider Harmonious Melody. It gets you an extra five seconds to play the next Tier of Ballad on your way to playing an Anthem.

And there you have it, everything you need to know about Minstrel Traits. Make sure you check out Minstrel Skill Guide for more tips on how to keep your Fellowship on the path to fewer deaths and lower repair bills.

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