Why Choose to Play a Monster in Lord of the Rings Online PvP Play?

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Why Choose a Monster?

Well, there are several reasons. The main one – well, you jump from level 10 up to 50 in a blink and get to go right into the PvP play areas. So, for those just getting into the game, when you get bored of leveling – head over and start up some monsters. The second reason, you can actually create and play one of each of the five monster classes in the Ettenmoors, which is pretty fun.

But here is the main reason – even though you are only level 10+ on your other “good” toon, you will gain destiny points that you can use across any of your characters. That’s right – you can use these destiny points on your normal toons outside of your monsters as well. So, you get to be the bad guy, get to jump up to level 50 right away, and still earn and spend those destiny points on your normal toons for the things that you really want and need to make your leveling go smoother. There are plenty of temporary buffs that you can purchase with these points to help you gain experience faster, so you level faster. There are plenty of other buffs that you can get as well, but this is the main one that lower level characters will want to choose with their destiny points.

PvP Ranking System

One of the other fun things about the Lord of the Rings Online PvP ranking system is that you can see immediately online who the most active PvP players are and their rankings. You can also see this in games as well. Plus, you will earn special PvP titles as you play and you can wear them with pride in knowing that you worked hard for them – even if you did play a monster.

So, take your time in PvP play – either as a good guy or bad guy – but for those that are just level 10 or above, I highly recommend that you take some good PvP time as a monster to help buff up your leveling experience by spending those destiny points for goods that will help you out. You won’t be sorry, and you will have a ton of fun doing it.

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