Lord of the Rings Online: Champion Class Guide

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What is a Champion?

This class is probably the very best when it comes to solo play in Lord of the Rings Online. Champions are the defense masters, and are able to dual wield or use two-handed weapons to help deal massive damage as well as off-tank when needed. They are able to use any type of armor up to heavy armor, which gives you a lot of play when it comes to spending money and using dropped items. Champions are normally the off-tank in a group, but can also run as the main tank if needed and if no Guardian is around to pick up that position. But, you’ll find that the Champion is best suited for DPS/AoE play as you go through the game itself.

While Champions are one of the best DPS classes in the game, they have a massive variety of different attacks that they can use as they gain fervour during combat. There are special skills and abilities that they’ll use, such as Sound the Attack (which stuns the enemy for a certain period of time) or Blade-Storm (which deals some great damage to a target). And, when you reach level 20, you’ll gain a horn that will also allow a greater area of stun and will give you the opportunity to deal out damage while your chosen targets do nothing to defend themselves.

What is Fervour?

Fervour is actually something that only the Champion class has. It’s similar to rage in other MMO games, and actually is how much rage you have built up in any given fight. You gain fervour in two different ways in LOTRO: either by using special skills or abilities or by using your offensive stance. Both of these ways will increase the amount of fervour that you have and will allow you to regenerate power faster and faster - but you have to give you your ability to block, parry, or even evade. Here is the kicker though - you need the fervour that you create by doing certain actions to use your special class actions and skills as most of them will require a certain amount of fervour to work. As you play through the game, you’ll learn where you want to build your fervour up, and where you’ll want to use it when you need it.

In the next part of this Champion guide, we’ll talk about how to use your Champion as either a DPS or off-tank.

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