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How to Use the Lord of the Rings Online Wiki

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Want all the information you can find about Lord of the Rings online - from class information to profession mat lists and more? Well, the Lord of the Rings Online wiki has everything you need.

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    Lord of the Rings Online Wiki

    Just like any other wiki, the Lord of the Rings Online wiki will offer you information that other players have placed onto the site. There is a wealth of information here, from guides to maps to quest lists, and everything is related to Lord of the Rings Online only. So, for anything that you could want to know about the game, this is where you'll find it.

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    How to Search

    When it comes to searching out your information on the Lord of the Rings Online wiki, it can actually be a bit tricky. So, there are a few search tips that you should know when it comes to the LOTRO wiki:

    * Don't search out a long list of terms - the easier the search terms that you put in, the better results you will get.

    * Don't use punctuation in your search - this will actually confuse the wiki search, unless you have a specific term (like a dungeon name) that has an apostrophy in it

    * Make your search as general as you can - you can then use links to narrow down your search and find the specific article you want

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    Top Content

    This is a great way to find some of the most common information. In this area, you'll find the editor's pick (which is usually changed each day or week), the most visited articles (which usually include dungeon guides, class guides, and other information on new content in the game), the highest voted articles, and articles that have been changed or updated recently. This is a great area to search out information on new game content, upcoming changes, higher level content, and other newer information that you need to know about.

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    Main Categories

    This is where you'll find a better listing of everything that the site has to offer you. By clicking on this, you will pull up a page with about 500+ categories on it - all in alphabetical order. You will find quest lists, epic quest lists (which are those for the highest level players), crafting information, maps for all of the different areas of the game, town information (such as the NPC's found there, trainers, auction houses, and more), POI's (point of interests), and just about everything else that you can possibly think of when it comes to the Lord of the Rings Online.

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    Community Links

    This is yet another great area of the Lord of the Rings Online wiki that you can easily use to your advantage. In the Community area, you'll find links to tons of forums, fan sites, FAQ's about the game, featured users of the site (which are usually gamers who have tons of high level toons in game and know almost everything), and even links to other LOTRO communities all over the web (which include guild sites).

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    So, this should give you a pretty clear picture of what you'll find when you are poking around the Lord of the Rings Online wiki. Just make sure that you follow those few search tips that I listed earlier and you'll find that the information you seek will appear right before your eyes!

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