How to Earn Traits in LOTRO

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Traits In Game

Traits are another item that you can earn through deeds, quests, and game play in LOTR. Each toon will have the ability to equip traits that they earn and these traits can help to give you a ton of different abilities or bonuses. As long as you have enough trait slots, you can equip as many traits as you want. With each level, your trait slots will increase in areas like virtue, class, and racial. So, the more traits that you earn can offer you a great way to customize your toon to your specific gaming style. Here is a small breakdown of what each type of trait does and how you gain them:

  • Virtue traits are really common among each of the races and classes. These can be earned by completing goals, quests, and other activities in any specific area. These usually improve your statistics, morale, power, or resistances. You will find that you will automatically gain these all the time.
  • Class traits are only given to specific classes of players, like hunters. These are usually earned by using your specific class skills or powers enough, meeting certain conditions enough, or performing special quests. For each different class, you will gain thes class traits as you level through the game.
  • Racial traits are only given to specific races, and usually offer special abilities that no other race has. So, you will earn these by playing different races you will see the different racial traits that you can gain.
  • Legendary traits are those are are really rare and require higher levels to obtain. These are obtained by collecting class-specific books and pages that drop from mobs or by doing special level 45+ class quests. For those who strive to be the best when it comes to the current MMORPG game that they are playing, then these are the traits that you will want to go for when you hit the higher levels.

So, you can earn a ton of different traits, deeds, and abilities that will further customize your toon and help to enhance your toon just how you want it to be - it simply depends on how hard you want to work at these traits and the amount of time that you want to spend putting into your toon to make them as different as possible.

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