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    • Hearts of Iron II: Pathways and Directions for Global Domination
      Hearts of Iron II is one of the few grand games that lets the user choose any direction with regards to grand strategy. Between its openness to customization and multi-decade timeframe, HOI 2 lets the gamer choose how to make any period country participate in the Second World War - or be neutral.
    • Cheat Codes for Hearts of Iron 2
      Unlike a lot of PC games, the cheat codes in Hearts of Iron 2 serve a greater purpose than simply making the game easier to beat. Cheat codes play a huge role in game-start customization, and let the player significantly modify the countries present.
    • Playing Hearts of Iron 2 a Little Differently
      Hearts of Iron 2 is one of the best grand strategy games that deals with the Second World War. Exhaustively researched and simple to play, HOI2 and its expansions let users take control of almost any historic country between 1936 and 1953 and lead it to glory or defeat.
    • Hearts of Iron 3 Guide: Research
      Hearts of Iron 3 is a very complex game, and this includes research. The research screen can be very intimidating at first. This guide will break it down and make it easy to understand what everything means.
    • Starting the Clock – A Hearts of Iron III Quick Start Guide
      Something as simple as moving a unit involves making many decisions in HoI III. The UI is actually very efficient in this regard, once you know how to use it. Read on and march to victory!
    • Hearts of Iron 3: A Guide to Cheats
      What would have happened if the United States joined the axis? Or if all of the neutral powers in Europe decided to enter the side of the allies from the start? Or if Germany developed nukes first? These Hearts of Iron 3 cheats will let you find out by altering the way the game plays.
    • Hearts of Iron 3: Quick Tips
      Are you new to Hearts of Iron 3? Check out this quick tips guide for information that will make it easier to learn this complex strategy game.
    • The Three Best Hearts of Iron 3 Mods
      Hearts of Iron 3 is a very complex game, but for some it still isn't complex enough. Those who are looking to add even more to the vanilla game should look into the Hearts of Iron 3 mods listed in this guide.
    • Getting a Handle on Your Armies in Hearts of Iron III
      HoI III is a masterful strategy game, but the learning curve can be brutal. This guide will allow you to find, organize, and give orders to your units, either one at a time or for a whole theatre.
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