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Hearts of Iron 3: A Guide to Cheats

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

What would have happened if the United States joined the axis? Or if all of the neutral powers in Europe decided to enter the side of the allies from the start? Or if Germany developed nukes first? These Hearts of Iron 3 cheats will let you find out by altering the way the game plays.

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    Cheating World War 2

    Hearts of Iron 3 is a fairly difficult game, so you might feel the need to cheat every now and then. Don't worry, I won't tell.

    In order to enable cheats you will need to press ~ to open the console. Alternatively you can open a console window by pressing shift + 3 or holding alt and pressing keypad 1 and 2. Once you have opened the console window you can enter the cheats below. There are no apparent negative consequences to cheating, and this is a single player only game, so go to town!

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    Resource Cheats

    These are simple. Enter the cheats below to increase the respective resource by 1,000.Hearts of Iron 3 Cheats 

    • money - Add 1,000 money
    • energy - Add 1,000 energy
    • fuel - Add 1,000 fuel
    • metal - Add 1,000 metal
    • crudeoil - Add 1,000 crude oil
    • sarematerials - Add 1,000 rarematerials
    • supplies - Add 1,000 supplies
    • addofficers -Adds 1% more officers

    Easy, right? These cheats can help you get out of a tight spot. Cheating may not be fair, but it beats having to restart an entire campaign because you screwed up on a few trade agreements.

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    Instant Cheats

    These cheats are for people who want things to get done now.

    • instantresearch - Instantly completes a research project.
    • instantbuild - All construction times are reduced to one day.
    • instantproduction - All unit build times are reduced to one day.
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    Debug Cheats

    These cheats modify the way the game works by changing AI settings or game mechanics. These cheats can give you an advantage, but they are also great for simply experimenting with the game to see how countries react in strange and unusual circumstances. These cheats might break the game, so be sure to save your campaign before you use them so that you don't have to deal with unwanted consequences.

    • debug fow - Toggles fog of warHearst of Iron 3 Cheats 
    • debug spy - Toggles superior espionage. This dramatically increases the effect which your espionage efforts have on other countries.
    • debug yesmen - Toggles AI favorable response. This forces all AI players to view you favorably. They will essentially give in to anything that you want.
    • noneutrality - Sets neutrality to zero. This allows you to easily enter a war with any other nation that you want.
    • event [code] - This triggers a specified game event. The known even codes are 66503 (alters neutrality), 66502 (adds more manpower), 66501 (adds money and resources) and 66500 (reduces dissent).
    • revolt [province ID] - This code triggers an instant rebellion in the province of your selection. It can be your province or a province belonging to someone else. You can repeat it multiple times to increase the strength of the revolt.