The Best Hearts of Iron 3 Mods

The Best Hearts of Iron 3 Mods
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Hearts of Iron 3 is an incredibly complex game with many settings to fiddle with. For extreme customization, however, Hearts of Iron 3 was set up to be easy to modify. This has resulted in a vibrant modding community centered around the game. There are many mods in development, but some mods stand out from the crowd in their scope, quality and originality.

As the title suggests, the purpose of Navalmod is to add even more detail and texture to the naval units than is already in the game. There are not any huge changes in terms of gameplay mechanics, but some very significant changes in the ways ships work. They generally favor ships, and the changes arguably make naval vessels more realistic than they are in the standard game.

Carriers now can carry Carrier Fighters, Divebombers and Torpedo Bomber wings. The Combat Air Group size is increase to three for carriers, but is still one for escort carriers. Navalmod also allows for players to model different types of aircraft carriers by researching carrier armor or researching hangers. Carrier armor increases armor but decreases CAG size, while hangers have the opposite effect.

Ships are also given better anti-air in general. Destroyers now receive light AA, light cruisers and escort carriers have light and medium AA, while all heavier ships have light, medium and heavy AA. Obviously this increases the general versatility of naval vessels. Also, AA upgrades will now upgrade all of your ships rather than just certain types.

These are other minor modifications as well. If you enjoy the naval aspect of Hearts of Iron 3, this mod is a must-have.

New Nations Mod

Do you like to play the smaller nations in Hearts of Iron 3? Then the New Nations mod is for you. The entire point of the New Nations mod is to introduce new playable countries into the game. These include countries that are far from the front lines, like Puerto Rico, as well as countries that are in the thick of things, like Morocco. The full list of nations added include:

  • ADR - Andorra
  • ALD - Åland
  • CAT - Catalonia
  • CSC - Corsica
  • EUS - Euskadi
  • FLA - Flanders
  • GAL - Galicia
  • GCB - German Belgium
  • KWT - Kuwait
  • MOR - Morocco
  • NIR - North Ireland
  • PRC - Puerto Rico
  • ROV - Republic of Venice
  • ROR - Rif Republic
  • SHR - Sahrawi Republic
  • SPO - Sao Paulo
  • SDN - Sardinia
  • SCO - Scotland
  • TRE - South Tyrol-Trentino
  • SCN - Scania
  • SPM - Spanish Protectorate of Morocco
  • TRS - Transylvania
  • WLL - Wallonia
  • WLS - Wales

If you bored with the standard nations in Heart of Iron 3, downloading this mod should renew your interest.

Shauf’s AI Improvement Pack

Hearts of Iron Best Mods

Even in the best games there is always room for improvement. In Hearts of Iron 3, one area where improvement can be made is the AI. The AI is very important because players are encouraged to give up at least some parts of the game to the AI so as to reduce the burden of getting acquainted with such a complex strategy game. AI is also important in Hearts of Iron 3 because it is, after all, a game about World War II, and it is expected that the game should follow a course somewhat similar to history.

Shauf’s AI Improvement pack helps ensure this is the case. It makes numerous tweaks to the way the countries drift towards certain alignments in order to ensure that countries usually join the alignment which you would expect them to. There are also other changes which effect diplomacy. For example, the neutral AIs are adjusted so that they are much more likely to actually stay neutral.

This mod also makes some performance improvements by adjusting how often the AI calculates certain things like trade agreements. This can have an impact on older computers, which often bog down under the many calculations the AI has to perform to make the game move forward.