Guild Wars Bots to Avoid

Guild Wars Bots to Avoid
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Guild Wars

Guild Wars is a MMO that is free for users to play each month after they buy the campaigns and expansion pack they want. Guild Wars campaigns include: Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall. The only expansion pack is Guild Wars Eye of the North.

Botting in Guild Wars

There are some games that tolerate bots to some degree. Some even put in easy ways to get experience points with you not even being at the computer, such as with “Dragon’s Call.”

“Guild Wars” bots can include everything from a farming bot to one that is used to dupe items, farm faction, gold, or even the Guild Wars alcohol bot. However, botting is just not tolerated in Guild Wars and will get your account banned. These third-party programs are strictly prohibited by Guild Wars EULA. To see for yourself, check out “Section 7: Official Service” viewable on their official website.

A bot in Guild Wars refers to a third-party program that was created to play the game in lieu of the player. These bots one activated are created to do something for the player in game while they are not there actively playing. This allows the player to gain a large amount of gold, faction, certain items, etc. with little to no effort at all.

Bots That You Need to Avoid

There have been many Guild Wars bots available since Guild Wars was released. They all need to be avoided, even if they seem harmless. Guild Wars is cracking down on botting and having your account banned is not worth getting a title, gold, or faction for.


Farming Bots – farming bots are used to acquire a certain item for fast cash, such as event items, feathers or other materials, etc. These are usually used by gold sellers (which is also against Guild Wars policy to buy or sell gold). They are easily spotted in certain zones in towns because their characters have very odd names with random letters, most are Guild Wars Monks, and dressed in the same armor (and often even dyed the same color), and move on the same path to the explorable area.

Faction Farming Bots – these bots are used by people that are trying to get the faction title, or are farming faction for items such as jade or amber. It is found in PvP areas such as the Jade Quarry and Alliance Battles and these are very easy to spot and report.

Dupe Items – there was a bug a few years ago that allowed characters to “dupe” items and create a large amount of copied items from the base item. Many accounts were banned for doing this and even those that bought these items got in some trouble or banned too.

Guild Wars Hall of Monuments

Auto-Click Bot – this is one of the controversial Guild Wars bots because people think that it is “legal” to use in game. It is not. No bot is legal, even one that helps you auto-click for your drunkard title. Do not use it. Your account could be banned for using it! Would it really be worth it to just get banned on this title for your Hall of Monuments because you couldn’t click the alcohol or other points for a title yourself? No!

How to Report a Bot In-Game

If you see a bot (or lots of bots) in a certain area, and you want to report them, type /report. This can also be used to report an inappropriate character name, spamming, verbal abuse, scamming, and leeching.

Additionally, you can submit a detailed account of what is going on with the bots in Guild Wars to “Gaile Gray’s Bot Watch” page on the Official Wiki.