Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Useful Glitches

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Revealing the Entire San Andreas Map

Find a plane or helicopter, and get inside it. Try to fly the helicopter/plane outside the game’s map. You will eventually reach the water territory. From here, fly towards the end of the map. Do this for a few minutes, and eventually, you can see the whole map of San Andreas. There are no ways to revert this back, and even after you save and restart the game, the map will always be revealed.

Avoiding Turf Wars

From time to time, rival gangs will try to take your Territories, and you have to defend it. Actually, if you didn’t want to defend it, when the game displays the message “your area is under attack”, just go into a safe house and save your game. This will stop the rival gang attack, and your area will be safe once more. Useful when you have something to do instead of protecting your territory.

Infinite Photos

You need to have unlocked San Fierro and haven’t done the mission “Photo Opportunity”. Do that mission and fail it. Don’t reload after this. From then on, you will have unlimited amount of photos available to your camera.

Cycling Skills

Have a bike with you. Then, find a freight train somewhere and wait for it to stop. Do a bunny hop using the bike to the back of the train, such that you can ride the train while staying on the bike. Soon after, the stairs will start to move again and the bike will slowly slide down. Press the X button and pedal the bike. If the glitch works, it should now be glitchy and float slightly above the train, but the bike won’t slide off anymore. At this point, even if you let go of your X button, the bike will keep moving by itself. This is an easy way for you to get a lot of cycling skills.

Bulletproof Savanna

Finish the ‘High Stakes’ mission. After finishing it, Cesar and his car will stay at the finish line. You cannot take the car from him, as the door is locked. But you can push the car to the nearest garage, and the door will automatically unlock. This is the easiest way for you to get an early Bulletproof Savanna other than using cheats.

Very High Bike Jump

You need a gun that can be used while riding a bicycle. Everytime you release the jump button, tap circle. The tap has to be very fast such that the gun will not actually fire. Using this method, you can jump over 2 stories high–that is, if you get your timing right.

Refill Car Nitro

When your nitro runs out, just leave your vehicle and return inside. Your nitro will already be replenished, and you do not have to wait for it to fill up in-game in a few minutes.

No Traffic

If you just started the game, you can do this by getting to OG Loc mission. One of the mission will be a beach mission. In this mission, talk to the DJ and positively respond. When she invites you to dance, instead of dancing with her, just go away. You will notice that there are no cars on the road. Save your game in this say, and you can roam anywhere you want in this condition, without having to worry about traffic and police cars.

Note: This doesn’t mean that you can do anything you want. Pedestrians and officers will still be walking on the streets.