Playstation 2 Gamers Tips & Hints for fun in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Playstation 2 Gamers Tips & Hints for fun in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
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Tips & Hints

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas contains a multitude of different activities that add fun, enjoyment and entertainment value to your game time. One of the most entertaining activities you can undertake is to take any aircraft you find while looking around the three cities in the game for a joy ride. San Andreas even allows you to use conventional air travel to move between the cities by purchasing a ticket for your one-way flight to either of the other two cities.

Traveling between cities using air-travel is as easy as going to one of the airports, there’s one in each of the three cities in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and looking for the yellow marker near the airport terminal. It isn’t always easy to find, so look around the structures closest to the road, or the street leading to the main road around the airport. Once you find the yellow marker just walk through the marker to get into the airport. Once in the airport, you’ll be provided with the choice to travel to either of the other two cities in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Flying is an expensive activity in real life and you will have to pay for your ticket, which means if you have no money you better make some, if you want to fly. San Andreas streamlines the process of checking in once you make your choice of destinations, therefore, your baggage, any waiting in line for tickets, and security checks are taken care of for you.

In flight choices are pretty limited; you’ll only have a few choices. Sit down and take in the cinematic view of the airplane, or immediately land at your destination ready to explore the sites and partake in a few activities in a different city. The real adventurous minded gamer can even take the D.B. Cooper route and jump out of the plane while en-route to a different city. A fun alternative certainly, but don’t forget your parachute, or it will be an amusing, but ultimately final, trip to the ground.

Once your ride lands at the airport in one of the other cities, you’ll appear standing near the yellow marker in the terminal of the airport in your new location, and now it’s time to head out into the city and mark your new territory.

Running the rails – Once you think you’ve completed all the odd jobs, side missions, and assorted dirty-work that San Andreas has to offer, there’s probably one fun and engaging activity you haven’t tried, yet.

San Andreas allows you to try hijacking a freight train and then use it to run cargo from station to station.

Gamers, who want to give this a try, should first find a freight train to hijack. Look on the provided city map to locate the rails (they will be highlighted in red) and simply put the cursor over the rails to find a station (or stations) in the city. In Los Santos, you can use Market station or Unity Station, while in San Fierro the train stops at Cranberry station, Yellow Bell Station or Sobell train yard. Once you find a freight train, just approach the train as you would a vehicle you wanted to hijack (approach the engine), and then select the carjack button to throw the engineer out of the train and take over your new ride.

Once you’re in the train, press R3 to start the mission, and off you go. Make sure you don’t get the train going to fast or too slow, if you go to slow you’ll miss the time limit to deliver the cargo, and if you go too fast the train can actually de-rail and you’ll fail the mission.

To successfully deliver your cargo at the station, stop the engine inside the red marker at the station. Keep an eye on the distance indicator and begin reducing speed at about 500-700, depending on your velocity. Should you go beyond the red marker, just bring the train to a complete stop, and use the Brake button to backup. This is a neat way to earn some nice cash, if you complete five successful train deliveries of cargo shipments without destroying the freight train, the game will reward you with a cool $50,000.


Take a plane for a ride

Hijack a freight train

Run the rails or fly the friendly skies

A fun and entertaining game