Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Top 10 Rare Car Locations

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GTA: San Andreas Rare Cars

What is considered a rare car in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas can be debatable. This guide lists the locations of 10 vehicles that do not spawn often and are not easy to locate, and are thus considered rare cars in GTA: San Andreas.

If you want to get rid of the rarity factor and have these cars spawn more frequently like “common” cars, then the cheat you can use is: Up, L1, R1, Up, Right, Up, X, L2, X, L1.

In alphabetical order, here are 10 rare vehicles along with their locations in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

1. Banshee (sports car) can be found near the gym at Fan Fierro. The Banshee is most commonly seen at The Strip in Las Venturas and at Rodeo in Los Santos.

2. Bloodring Banger (very strong derby car) is located outside of the arena where you do a mission in San Fierro.

3. Bullet (fast sports car) can be obtained by completing all silver at the driving school or near the burger restaurant in NW San Fierro. The Bullet spawns mostly at The Strip in Las Venturas.

4. Comet (sports car) can be found parked in the parking lot of the San Fierro Country Club. The Comet has also been seen spawned at that country club location.

5. Hotknife (hot rod) is obtained by getting all golds at the driving school. It will be parked outside of the driving school once you have achieved all golds.

6. Hotring Racer (racecar) can is located in the LS Stadium after your complete the “8-track” race mission. It will be parked in the stadium upon mission completion.

7. Infernus (very fast sports car) has only a couple spawn locations in Las Venturas (Prickle Pine, The Strip) and 1 spawn location in San Fierro (Paradiso).

8. Phoenix (muscle car) is a car you use in a race mission (San Fierro Hills). In order to get this car, take it into your garage instead of using it in the race mission. After you fail the race mission, the Phoenix will remain in your garage!

9. Super GT (fast sports car) can be obtained by completing the bronzes for the driving school. It can be found outside of the driving school and also near the control tower in the San Fierro Airport. The Super GT has also been seen at The Strip in Las Venturas.

10. Turismo (sports car) has two main locations. The Turismo can be found at The Strip and The Camel Toe in Las Venturas.

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