The Rough Guide to Liberty City: North Algonquin For The PS3 - How To Get Through This Area In GTA Alive

The Rough Guide to Liberty City: North Algonquin For The PS3 - How To Get Through This Area In GTA Alive
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North Algonquin in GTA

The area in Liberty City known as Algonquin has a reputation for being the center of the universe, but it’s amazing how quickly that reputation fades as you move uptown. The north end of Algonquin is a mass of older projects and neighborhoods that remain largely free of gentrification, especially once you get past Middle Park. That means North Algonquin has its own little secrets that even Liberty City residents miss out on. But don’t worry! You don’t have to miss out on these great PS3 cheats - we’ll show you all that you need to know about this area of Grand Theft Auto Liberty City and why you want to head up to North Algonquin next time you play GTA.

Getting Around This Area of Liberty City

The C/K and A/J subway lines connect North Algonquin to Bohan and Dukes/Broker respectively in Liberty City in GTA. The major subway hub is Frankfort in North Holland, split into High and Low stations (either will take you downtown or the outer boroughs). Three stations on the C/K serve Middle Park’s north, east and west sides, while Quartz West (Middle Park West), Vauxite (North Holland), Vespucci Circus (East Holland) and Quartz East (Middle Park East) cover North Algonquin’s perimeter.

North Algonquin is well covered by bridges and roads as well, with connections to Bohan via the Northwood Heights Bridge, Dukes/Broker via the East Borough Bridge, and Alderney via the Hickey Bridge. North Algonquin also leads to the south end of Algonquin just south of Middle Park; Columbia, Frankfort and Union are the best north-south roads to take, while Topaz Street is the fastest and easiest way to get to Alderney from Dukes/Broker and vice-versa.

Sights to See In Liberty City

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Middle Park is North Algonquin’s most obvious tourist destination here in Liberty City. Covering a good sixth of North Algonquin’s valuable square footage, the park is the biggest in all of Liberty City, and on any given day you’ll find plenty of joggers, tai chi exercisers, and strolling office workers out on lunch break. It’s also home to some fine pieces of art; besides the Libertonian Museum on Middle Park’s east side, there’s the massive fountain at the southern end, as well as a nearby sculpture called Le Knobelisque, recently created by C. Shutchomouf. You’ll find it by the small café southwest of the fountain. For fans of Grand Theft Auto, you’ll want to make sure that you see this fun area of Liberty City.

A lesser-known sight is Charge Island, accessible via the East Borough Bridge. Made up mostly of landfill, Charge Island is now essentially a massive drive-through park, with a couple of industrial buildings here and there as reminders of the island’s previous life as a secondary port. Back in Algonquin proper, there’s also the city university by Quartz West station, full of stately Greco-Roman-inspired architecture and plenty of naïve, fresh-faced students.

Live Like A Local: Other Sights To See In GTA

  • Liberty City is filled with skate parks, and North Algonquin is no exception. Head west along Nickel Street and you’ll find a lakeside skate park at the southern edge of North Algonquin.
  • Watch out for construction on the subway line where it pops aboveground on Frankfort, north of Middle Park; gaps in the barriers mean it’s actually possible to drive onto the tracks and smash into an oncoming train, earning you the ire of Liberty City commuters all over the city.
  • There’s no toll-booth on the East Borough Bridge between North Algonquin and Bohan, but you’ll have to stop and pay if headed to or from Dukes or Broker. Depending on where you’re going, heading south to the Broker or Algonquin bridges may be a better bet (though watch for extra traffic).

So it doesn’t matter what part of Liberty City you prefer, this is one sweet game that you can easily find some fun things to do and see in. For any fan of GTA, you want to make sure that you take the time to just wander around and have some fun.

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