The GTA4 Mayhem Marathon: Grand Theft Auto 4 Extras

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You will obviously need to have full health and body armor on. It is also helpful to have as much ammunition as possible. It will be a plus if you have finished the game, since you will no longer have that pesky ammo limit.

Get Some Wheels

If you are going to go gallivanting around while creating as much havoc as possible, you are going to need a stylin' car. The Grotti Dealership on Bismark Avenue in Algonquin will have just the car you need, the Infernus. Just bust in one of the windows and take your pick of cars. If you want to start off the mayhem with flash, grab the car that is on the second floor facing the window over the doors. That window in front of it is perfect to drive through.

And We Are Off!

Grabbing that car will have gotten the attention of the police. Make sure to keep them on your tail. There is no point or challenge to driving around without the police after you. My suggestion would be to hit as many pedestrians as possible to give the police a trail of bodies to follow.

Make your way over to the Alderney State Correctional Facility and greet the guards out front. They will probably greet you with gunfire, so leave them a grenade to play with or just run them over. Look on your map for the Internet Cafe inBerchem , and head just north of there. There should be a fire department around this area and a fire truck in front of it. You should now procure the firetruck.

Firetrucks are great because you can use the fire hose to run cars off the road and knock people over. This comes all without wasting a bit of ammunition. It does make the police pretty angry, though, so have some fun with it. The firetruck is a bit slow, but there are not really any cars that can run such a monstrous vehicle off the road.

When you are done fulfilling your dreams of being a disgruntled firefighter, make your way to the hospital in Leftwood. Head on in and clear the room of all those pesky patients in the waiting room. You are now going to take your last stand. Position yourself around one of the corners and wait for the police to come on in. Blast away until you have all six stars and are ready for an extra challenge or are dead.

Still Alive?

So you were able to survive all that? Now, see if you can hop into the newly vacated cop cars or SUVs. If you end up getting that far, see if you can lose your wanted level without a pay-n-spray.