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GTA IV: Online Group Tactics

by: dean0088 ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Staying alive online in GTA can be difficult. Once you log in the next thing you know their are rockets and bullets whizzing by your head and those of your friends. Using some basic tactics and good skills you and your friends can become feared by the other players and rule liberty city online.

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    Knowing the problem

    Staying Alive in GTA IV online is extremely difficult. The cops are the least of your worries. One minute you’re cruising down the runway at the airport with a couple buddies in the car. All the other players are keeping their distance. Next thing you know the whooshing of an approaching RPG is heard. If that sucker explodes on impact or even alongside the car you’re all toast. However, there are some tactics that a few buddies and myself devised for staying alive in GTA online.

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    Choosing the right vehicle

    Policecruiser1 When choosing a vehicle for GTA online, it’s important to remember your goals; staying alive. Choosing a Ferrari look alike will undoubtedly attract attention. Furthermore, choosing a sluggish van will make you an easy target. I’d suggest a fast yet tough vehicle. Huntly Sports, Noose Jeeps (Hummers), Police Cars, Sultans and Vincents all make good choices as they are fast, corner well and don’t flip too easily. Oh and forget helicopters. They’re useless to shoot from and if you try to land to exit and have a quick battle you’ll hear the whooshing of rockets very quickly indeed.

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    Vehicles in Convoy

    You’ll notice that I used the plural of vehicle as the title for this paragraph. That’s because loading everyone into the one car is silly. One rocked hits it, or it gets rammed into a wall by a truck then that’s it. Travelling in convoy, even if it’s just two vehicles can help. If one gets attacked then the other can stop a safe distance away and open fire on the attacker(s). Hopefully only minimum casualties will have been obtained. Travelling in convoy is a basic tactic used by militaries and police forces since that the invention of the wheel.

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    There’s no point in everyone having a rocket launcher. While it wouldn’t hurt for everyone to be able to blow up the enemy a few dozen feet away, it’s important that you think ahead. Say you get attacked by another car while driving.

    (a) You cant use a rocket from your car

    (b) He’s too close any way; you’d damage yourself.

    It’s best to have a rocket launcher and an automatic weapon such as an SMG handy.

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    Use the map

    Keeping an eye on the mini map is a good idea for online play. You can see where everyone is congregated and attack at the venerable angle. You can also locate health and armour for protection and to heal old battle wounds. Also, you can pick good open areas to travel through such as Star Junction, the Airport and the highways.

    If your team takes onboard this advice you’ll be in good shape to cruise in search of enemies or take over bridges to hinder others. It’s pretty fun when you’re the dominant force in a video game. However, expect the others to form a temporary pact against you as their frustration mounts against the team of cold-blooded killers who used GTA tips.