Global Agenda

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    • Global Agenda Review
      What is Global Agenda? Good question, and a hard one to answer. I could spend all day comparing it to other games and still not really describe the game accurately. But putting that aside, the bigger question is - is Global Agenda a good game?
    • Global Agenda Character Guide: Recon General Strategy
      The Recon is a fast-moving class with a lot of power to kill opponents. But what, exactly, should the Recon be doing in the team-based environment of Global Agenda? This Recon strategy guide will help you make your teammates love you.
    • Global Agenda Recon Skill Builds: The Meleecon, Snipercon, and Bombercon
      The Recon in Global Agenda is built to harass the enemy team, keeping them off guard and destroying vital objectives. There are three different ways which a Recon can do this. This skill build guide suggests three great Recon skill builds and gives tips about their playstyles.
    • Global Agenda Recon Guide: Weapons
      The Recon has a limited number of weapons compared to, say, the Assault class, but the weapon the Recon picks is still very important. This guide to the Recon class discusses the Recon rifle and the two sniper rifles in the game.
    • Global Agenda Preview: Spy-Fi Shooter Action
      Global Agenda is another sci-fi styled MMORPG due for release in the coming months. It has a strong focus on class based action with fast paced third-person shooter battles as agencies fight huge real time wars for ascendancy. Characters can develop RPG style and there are jetpacks and katanas.