Seriously 3.0 - A Guide to Gaming's Hardest Achievement

Seriously 3.0 - A Guide to Gaming's Hardest Achievement
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A Very Serious Line

Achievements are serious business, and Gears of War takes it to the highest level. So what exactly is Seriously 3.0? To find out, you need to delve into the previous games and learn a little history.

Gears of War introduced the achievement Seriously, which was regarded as one of the hardest achievements of its time. You had to earn 10,000 kills in ranked online matches. The problem was, sometimes your kills didn’t quite count, and sometimes you had to earn hundreds more to trigger the achievement. Why? No one is quite sure.

Gears of War 2 stepped up to the plate with an even harder achievement. You didn’t need to earn all of your kills in ranked online matches, but to compensate for that tweak, you had to earn ten times the number of kills. 100,000 kills and the achievement would be yours. Some people, I’m sure, are still working on it.

Now we have Gears of War 3, and to keep upping the ante, they made Seriously 3.0. Possibly the most impossible 100 gamerpoints you’ll ever earn in a game, it has absurd requirements. Get to level 100? That’s just the start. You also have to earn each and every one of the Onyx medals. That’s hundreds of thousands of kills and other actions, with every weapon, in every game mode and even in all the campaigns! So how would you go about getting it?

Earning Seriously 3.0

Here are the requirements for Seriously 3.0. For some of the more complicated or vague requirements, we have some tips for you. Keep in mind that all the kill medals can be earned in offline game modes, but online modes count too.

  • Field Service - Reach Level 100. This part is arguably the easiest. You might earn a few medals along the way, but this will not be the one you’re stuck on.

    Killing berserkers isn’t even that impressive

  • Vengeful - Execute 500 Nemeses

  • Captor - Kill 1000 enemies with a captive

  • War Supporter - Play in 30 Gears events hosted by Epic. Epic tends to do this about every weekend, so this will still take a long time.

  • MVP - Earn 500 MVP Ribbons

  • Veteran - Play in 4000 matches

  • Match Winner - Win 3000 matches

  • Headshot - Earn 6000 headshots

  • Heavy Weapons - Earn 6000 heavy weapon kills

  • Explosives - Earn 6000 explosives kills

  • Finisher - Earn 6000 executions

Getting the idea? There’s plenty more where that came from. I mean really, as if that wasn’t enough, any TWO of these medals is already more kills than the Gears of War 1 Seriously achievement.

  • Skunker - Skunk the enemy team 2500 times

  • Leader - Earn 1500 Untouchable ribbons. That ribbon is earned by playing a match as leader and not being held captive.

  • Abductor - Capture 1500 leaders

    You even have to be a Battle Maiden

  • Assistant - Earn 5000 assists in versus

  • Medic - Revive 1200 squadmates

  • Cover - Earn 600 Buttoned Up ribbons. To earn one of those ribbons you must spend most of your time in-match behind cover.

  • Active Reloader - Nail the perfect active reload 25,000 times. Yes, twenty-five thousand.

  • Lancer, Hammerburst, Retro Lancer, Gnasher Shotgun, Sawed-off Shotgun, Pistol - Earn 6000 kills with each of the listed weapons.

  • Spotter - Use the new spotting feature to spot 12,000 enemies for your team

  • Pyro - Kill 3000 enemies with fire.

  • Sapper - Destroy 1000 enemy grenades

  • CTL and Guardian - Play 3000 CTL matches and rescue the leader 1200 times.

  • KOTH, Warzone, Execution, TDM, Wingman - Play 3000 matches of each of those listed gametypes.

  • Allfathers - Earn all of the gametype onyx medals

  • Master-At-Arms - Earn the onyx medals for starting weapons.

  • Rifleman - Earn onyx medals for the rifles.

  • Hard Target - Earn 3000 Last Man Out ribbons. These are earned by remaining the last man standing on your team.

  • Shock Trooper - Earn 3000 first blood medals

  • Old Schooler - Curb Stomp 3000 enemies

  • Battle Mistress - Play as a female in 1000 matches

  • Sovereign - Win 500 CTL rounds as the leader

  • Special Teams - Earn 6000 kills with map-based weapons

Campain, Horde and Beast Medals

Sound like a lot? Well that’s just the thing. Epic wanted to make an achievement that would take years to obtain, and they did so. The above isn’t even all! You still have to earn the Onyx Medals in Horde mode and Beast mode, not to mention the Campaign.

Horde Mode Medals

Team up to take down the Horde

  • For the Horde - Complete all 50 waves on Insane
  • Hoarder - Complete 2000 waves. That’s a minimum of 40 complete playthroughs of the mode.
  • Architect - Earn the Founder ribbon 300 times. To earn a Founder ribbon you need to be the one to set up the base at the start.
  • Squad Leader - Earn the Point Man ribbon 500 times. Point Man is earned when you earn the most cash in a wave.
  • Field Engineer - Apply 1000 fortification modifications.
  • Big Money - Earn a total of 5 million dollars over lifetime gameplay.
  • Loot Courtesan - Complete 1000 challenges in Horde mode.

Beast Mode Medals

  • I’m a Beast! - Complete Beast Mode without failing on Insane

    You even have to play as the Locust!

  • Beastly - Complete 600 waves in Beast Mode

  • Motivator - Heal or revive 1500 teammates

  • Dismantler - Destroy 3000 fortifications

  • Ruthless - Kill 1100 humans

  • Investor - Earn 1 million total cash

  • High Roller - Earn the Ready for the Heavies ribbon 75 times. In other words, unlock the last row of Locust.

Campaign Medals

  • King of COG - Earn 7.5 million points in arcade mode.

  • Number 1 - Be Number 1 in Arcade 240 times

    Truly a serious achievement

  • Warmonger - Complete all Arcade chapters on insane

  • Force Multiplier - Reach the max multiplier in Arcade 100 times

  • Survivalist - Complete 240 chapters without dying

  • Aficianado - Play 500 chapters of arcade

  • Doorman - Manipulate 2000 objects in Campaign. Note: This can be the same object over and over 2000 times, if you have the patience to stand there.

  • Tour of Duty - Complete the campaign on Insane

So if you can finally say you’ve completed all of that, then you can say that you’ve earned the Seriously 3.0 achievement. Just remember, most of the people earning it are doing it the easy way, boosting for kills on a split-screen opponent, or having a second idle player to do some campaign mode tricks. Are you hardcore enough to complete it without these tricks?


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