Signs of Video Game Addiction - A.K.A Signs You're a Gamer

Signs of Video Game Addiction - A.K.A Signs You're a Gamer
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Being a gamer is a way of life. You are part of a huge community both online and in real life. Age isn’t a factor, nor is sex or race. You simply love to play video games and there a few things that all gamers tend to have in common.

5. Accessories

Whether you are good with money or not you will always find the will to save for that new console or accessory that will benefit your gaming. If that HD TV will make the graphics that little bit sharper and the textures a little more touchable then you have to have it, even if it means cutting back funds for something else.

4. Competition

Competition is part of the game – which has now become a part of you. You may want to be the best out of all your friends or simply strive to continuously beat your personal best. Gaming, especially online, is no longer straight-forward competitiveness between players. Be careful though- this trait is somewhat expected online but excessive gaming can lead it to leak into your physical interactions with others, and having someone that competitive around in real-life gets frustrating.

3. News Junkie


You constantly go online to check for new updates from the gaming industry. Watching the newest game trailers as soon as they appear online is what you live for, you count down the seconds until its release and you curse its designers when it’s release date is pushed back another month yet again. You are very strongly opinionated about the games you play and you know exactly what their designers should do to improve them, and when they introduce a new update that is basically the opposite of what you wanted you make sure everybody knows it.

2. Compulsive Buyer

You own all the latest game releases. Your friends are starting to think you have more money than sense. You buy games as soon as they hit the shelves only to discard most them after a couple of hours at the behest of your friends who need you for their latest Battlefield squad tactic. You like to read game reviews but you also like to play each game yourself and form your own opinion, unfortunately this means that you do tend to spend a lot on games that you later think are crap.

1. Gaming is Your Life

You prefer gaming to all your other hobbies. You used to read but lately you just don’t have the time. There was also a time when you used to be in a band but you haven’t turned up to practise in ages and now the only time you see your band-mates is when they’re online . Gaming is your favourite way to pass the time, and sometimes it is the only way you pass the time.