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    • Should Consoles Fear Apple?
      Apple has become a surprise player in the gaming industry, thanks to the popularity of the iPhone and iPad. Developers seem to enjoy creating titles for the platform - but that's not why the traditional console companies might need to worry.
    • Bioware RPG Romances - Do You Know Your Love Interests?
      Think you know everything you need to know about Bioware romances? Take this quiz to test your knowledge on romantic options in Dragon Age and Mass Effect.
    • The Console Wars - A Quiz on the Ups and the Downs
      Today the console wars are terribly out of hand, with people fighting daily on message boards and comment sections about why their system is the best and everyone else is dumb. Do you have what it takes to ace a quiz about everything there is to know about the console wars?
    • Video Game Length: How Much is Too Long, Too Short, or Just Right?
      Is it fair to charge gamers the same price for an eight-hour game as it is for one that takes twenty or more to finish? It's a concept worth debating.
    • Great Game Console Launch Games
      Every game console has to have some good launch games, and so there have been a number of great games bundled with game consoles. This article covers some of these great console launch games for a variety of game consoles.
    • Where to Buy Discounted Games & More
      Find video games for low prices at some of the top online gaming stores. Nothing is better than getting a great deal on the latest game. Learn which websites have the discounts and freebies to save you money and valuable time. Cheap gamer heaven awaits.
    • They Don't Rent 'em Like They Used To: The Death of the Traditional Video Store is Very Bad For Gamers
      Have you tried to rent a video game lately? If you have, you probably noticed that options are limited. Gone are the days of simply heading to a local store to pick up a rental, nowadays it's either Redbox games rentals or online services like Gamefly, leading to a much different experience.
    • Should Gamers Start Embracing the Online Pass System?
      The infamous "Online Pass" system that many publishers have been using over the past couple of years is intensifying with more and more well-known publishing giants adopting the system that more and more gamers are beginning to get sick of. But should gamers be getting angry over this?
    • The Most Common Video Game Cliches
      Saving princesses, slaying magical beasts, getting some air time in your robotic mech. These are a few of the most common cliches to hit the video game industry. Here are the top cliches that appear in popular video games without you even realizing it.
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