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What’s Your Favorite Console? A Quiz on the Console Wars

Today the console wars are terribly out of hand, with people fighting daily on message boards and comment sections about why their system is the best and everyone else is dumb. Do you have what it takes to ace a quiz about everything there is to know about the console wars?

Video Game Cliches: The Most Overused

Saving princesses, slaying magical beasts, getting some air time in your robotic mech. These are a few of the most common cliches to hit the video game industry. Here are the top cliches that appear in popular video games without you even realizing it.

Explaining the Success of Bioware Games

From the mainstream success of Jade Empire to the sheer usefulness of Never Winter Nights to the scope of Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect, and the likeability of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Bioware games have set standards for gamer enjoyment since the company’s inception.

So, You Want To Be A Video Game Writer?

Writing about video games is a tough gig. It can often be hard to enter the journalism side of things and harder still to enter some form of writing or design role at a game creating company. This article attempts to provide a guide on how to start on your quest to writing about or for video games.

How to Fix Scratched Games at Home

There isn’t anything more frustrating in the world of gaming then when you are just about to reach the final boss battle or complete the quest you’ve been working when your game locks completely. Sometimes this is caused by a scratched disk.This guide will show you how to fix those scratched games.