A Look at the Mind of Suda51

A Look at the Mind of Suda51
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The Mind of Suda51

Shigeru Miyamoto has Mario. Shigesato Itoi has Mother. David Jaffe has Twisted Metal. Fumito Ueda has Ico. And Goichi Suda has, well, an incredibly complex mind when it comes to making video games. The Grasshopper Manufacture CEO is indeed gifted, and he has managed to craft a die-hard fan base by going into the darkest regions of his mind, twisting and turning everything upside-down, sprinkling a bit of dark humor on it, and putting it all onto a video game disc. Goichi Suda, or Suda51, is easily one of the most unique minds in gaming, if not the most unique. He has endeavored on a journey in the video game industry, and so far, he’s made it one amazing ride.

From Mortician to Game Maker

Story mode in Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special ended with your character killing himself.

Suda51 was originally an undertaker, but he always had an interest in arcade games. He began distancing himself from his creepy job as a mortician, and he eventually landed a job working for Human Entertainment. While working on Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special, he immediately began incorporating his unique creativity into video games. This was evident when gamers completed the story mode in said wrestling game, only to see their grappling hero kill himself. It was a twist no one expected, and it was the first of many on the part of Suda51.

Obtaining More Fan Attention

Developer Grasshopper Manufacture has a unique sense of style when it comes to video game concepts.

Suda51 garnered more and more fans in Japan with horror titles such as Moonlight Syndrome, and he began receiving larger amounts of mainstream attention in North America when his company Grasshopper Manufacture developed Killer7 for the GameCube and PlayStation 2. That game’s incredibly deep and unrelenting story coupled with its unique gameplay made for an experience that was unlike most others at the time. The game went on to become a cult classic due to it appealing to a select crowd of gamers, but there’s no denying the impact the game had on Suda51’s legacy.

Along Came Travis Touchdown

No More Heroes quickly became one of the best games to land on the Wii.

While he worked on games like Contact following the release of Killer7, Suda51 managed to gain even more western exposure with No More Heroes. Easily one of the best third-party franchises on the Wii, No More Heroes combined effective action-adventure gameplay with a twist-laden story and mixed it all up with some excellent humor to create an amazing game. Wii owners soon fell in love with Travis Touchdown, and a new video game hero was born.

The success of the first No More Heroes eventually spawned a sequel and HD remakes of the first game. Currently, there don’t seem to be any plans for a No More Heroes 3, but Suda51 has stated emphatically that he would like to make a third game in the series, possibly starring femme favorite Shinobu. If it happens, rest assured fans will eat it up and enjoy every second of it.

The Future

Shadows of the Damned will probably be a crazy ride from start to finish.

Currently, Suda51 is working on Shadows of the Damned alongside good friend and Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. Already the game looks to combine the duo’s intense ideas into one package, and with big guns and a recurring theme revolving around hell, gamers can be sure to expect something crazy from the two renown individuals.

A Complex Mind?

Suda51 is definitely an intriguing individual, and he is also one hell of a director.

Suda51 has the type of mind that some people would absolutely love to dissect. Maybe it was his time working as an undertaker, where he possibly witnessed some eerie apparitions that gave him his signature dark sense of humor. Or maybe he’s just so talented that he can come up with ideas out of the blue that will shock gamers and leave them begging for more. Whatever the case may be, Suda51 is definitely a stellar video game director, and Grasshopper Manufacture is destined to turn out more exciting games down the road. Suda51 is an incredible mind in video games, and it’s going to be fun seeing how he continues his twisted yet thoroughly entertaining journey.