Learn About the Popular Onlive Game System

Learn About the Popular Onlive Game System
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The new OnLive game system by Steve Perlman of WebTV and Mike McGarvey of former Eidos, may blow Nintendo, Sony Xbox, and Microsoft off the shelves. What is OnLive game system anyways? OnLive game system will become a platform for players to stream demand games at Hi Definition quality, onto any Intel based PC of Mac running XP or Vista. Isn’t that awesome ! The cool thing is that it doesn’t matter how powerful the computer is, the system will stream from a television via a plug in device, and player will use a VOIP headset and a wireless controller.

Imagine streaming compressed video, and having instant gratification. It’s almost like playing the video locally in your own home ! This genius new system relies solely on the video compression and streaming via broadband, and not on your computer’s hardware, which is why the power of your machine is not a factor.

An All in One Gaming Solution

The greatest thing about OnLive is that it does not require any upgrades, endless downloads, discs, or other worrisome obstacles. OnLive is a state of the art video game experience, designed for absolutely all ages and skill levels. Whether you choose a PC, Mac or TV, OnLive will provide an instant channel to high level games in the world.

OnLive is like a hybrid of online distribution, video games and social networking all rolled into one affordable, flexible platform. OnLive allows you to play what they want, when they want.

OnLive supports a live community. A player interface will allow gamers to watch thousands of live games in action, and to join at any given moment. They will share their finding with friends through social networking tools and show off their skills. With OnLive, gamers have instant access to demos and can instantly try or buy popular games with family and friends.

OnLive has finally has treaded upon a new frontier, by using online distribution. It’s affordable value, immediately puts the focus back into the games themselves,by removing short lived hardware and software and delivering games to a “digital living room”, as Steve Perlman states.

Innovative & Forward Thinking


Software developers and publishers, also benefit from the success of OnLive. It much less expensive to program a game for OnLive, and the return is way more efficient than downloaded or store bought distribution models. The turnaround to offer an existing version of a game on the OnLive system, is typically less than a few weeks, to extend and existing version of a game to work on the OnLive service. This makes it significantly less expensive for both the developers and publishers, which is always a plus.

Epic Games, the leader of triple A games and other cross platform game engine technology, has partnered with OnLive, to develop Unreal Engine 3, which also play games that are compatible with OnLive technology.

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