Top Games That Need A Wii Control Makeover

Top Games That Need A Wii Control Makeover
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Star Wars Rogue Squadron: Rogue Leader

Star Wars flight games have long been a staple of Nintendo platforms. Rouge Squadron on Nintendo 64 was a major system seller and created a franchise that had some serious legs. When Rogue Leader was released during the launch of the Nintendo GameCube it was one of the first games that many gamers of that time got their hands on, and boy did it blow them away. With graphics that are still impressive to this day, Leader brought a whole new level of realism to the Star Wars universe.

Seeing as the game looks better than 95% of the games that are currently on the Wii, Rogue Leader might restore some faith in those that think that the Wii simply can’t impress their eyes. Couple that with the fact that the Wii Remote (especially when coupled with the Wii Motion Plus) is perhaps the most perfect flight control device on the market today, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a perfect rebirth in the motion control generation.

Mario Kart Double Dash

PAL-GameCube-Mario Kart Double Dash!!

I know what you’re saying to yourself right now. You’re saying “Doesn’t the Wii already have a Mario Kart title?” And, truth be told, Mario Kart Wii is certainly worthy of carrying the series into the motion control age. However, the majesty of Double Dash simply can’t be ignored, and it is because of this that I humbly request a Wii-make of the game be delivered forthwith!

Double Dash was one of the titles that nearly every GameCube owner experienced at one time or another and it remains one of (if not THE) best games on the system. The courses in the game were truly stunning and the dual-character play mechanic was something that could be greatly enhanced with the addition of motion control. Imagine needing both of your player characters to lean in sync in order to pull off a slide just perfectly; that’s a level of control that no title on the Wii currently offers.

Mario Golf Toadstool Tour


This might be one of the biggest no-brainers on the list, but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t worth mentioning. The Wii controller was made for games like this and it’s a wonder that a port, or an entirely new entry into the series, hasn’t yet been announced, delayed, and finally released.

Toadstool Tour’s courses were large, detailed and provided a staggering amount of replayability. The Wii’s current reigning golf franchise, We Love Golf!, would be easily dethroned with the release of a Nintendo-branded links title. Come on Nintendo, it can’t be that hard to add a swing mechanic to a game like Tour, so let’s have it already!

TimeSplitters 2

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It certainly took a while for developers to get a handle on how to program a non-vomit-inducing first person experience on the Wii, but now that they’ve finally got a handle on it I say it’s time to bring the best GameCube shooter over for the masses to enjoy.

TimeSplitters 2 took style to a whole new level and despite going with a super-deformed look, the game is still a wonderful bit of eye candy. As a shooter, its mechanics were super-solid and the game ran like a dream. The multiplayer component of Splitters is where the game really shines; giving players a wide ranging selection of weapons and levels that accommodate a number of different play styles. Adding some online multiplayer would work wonders for the game, and I think we’d have a hit on our hands.

Wave Race Blue Storm


If we can’t get a Wave Race Wii then the next best thing has to be a port of THE must-have Wii launch title, Blue Storm. Never before had gamers been tossed into the waters as they were in Blue Storm, and to this day there really hasn’t been a proper jet ski game to beat it. With amazing physics, fantastic water effects, and a wealth of content, Blue Storm took the power of the GameCube and went to town.

Using the Wii remote to control your jet ski is perhaps the best way to do it and the forgiving controls that the game already offers would fit the more casual market of the Wii to a tee. It’s hard to believe that this hasn’t come up before, but with the jet ski minigame in Wii Sports Resort, perhaps they’re worried about canabilizing their own audience. What a shame.