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Not Worth The Money: GameCube Games to Avoid

by: Star189 ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Looking for a great game that's worth your money and has a high replay value? Then these are five games you'll want to steer clear of! The top 5 worst GameCube games of all time will have even the most patient player throwing their controller in disgust. Avoid them at all costs!

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    Batman: Dark Tomorrow

    Batman has long been a highly loved action hero for both kids and adults alike. Whether it's in the comic books, the movies, or one of the video games, Batman is known for laying waste to criminals. Unfortunately, the only thing Batman: Dark Tomorrow is laying waste to is your money. This game missed the mark by a long shot. Featuring horrible animations, jumping camera angles , and controls that will make you cry, Batman: Dark Tomorrow doesn't provide much of the fun or villain crushing action that one would expect from a Batman game. The graphics could be overlooked if you're dedicated enough to playing this game. They have their glitches and aren't anything to write home about, but they are at least tolerable. However, the one thing no fan can get past is the tricky camera angles. They jump around and switch on you so much that it makes running next to impossible, let alone trying to jump around on roofs. No matter how big a fan you are of Batman or the GameCube, don't waste your money on this colossal flop.

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    Batman: Dark TomorrowCharlie's AngelsAquaman: Battle for AtlantisCharlie and the Chocolate FactoryThe Italian Job
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    Charlie's Angels

    While Batman may have missed the mark completely, Charlie's Angels doesn't even know where the mark is, let alone how to hit it. This release for the GameCube was based on the Charlie's Angels movie. While some may have enjoyed the movie, they'll have no such luck with the game. To start with, the game decides to come up with a new, and completely boring, plot line of its own. While you're running around stopping the villain in a story you could care less about, you're also being bombarded by some of the worst graphics to grace the GameCube screen. It's tough to decide which is worse, the graphics or the controls. The Angels have a very limited amount of moves, and manage to screw up the few they do have. It shouldn't be this painful to play through a game where the only goal is to beat up everything in sight. And no matter how many times you play this game, you just can't find a rational explanation for why the three Angels take it upon themselves to run everywhere in bikinis. It's not like the graphics are doing anything for them, and the bikinis certainly don't either.

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    Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis

    Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis makes even the worst GameCube games look like a walk in the park. This game has a slew of things wrong with it, ranging from camera angles that are horribly bad to the most repetitive fight scenes found anywhere, Aquaman takes the cake for horrible video game releases. The worst part of the game is the storyline, or lack of. There are brief cartoon-style drawings to help advance the plot, but the entire game involves swimming, finding enemies, and beating them up. Then you swim on to find more enemies. The pattern rarely changes, and the enemies are all clones of each other. The game even manages to make the controls a nightmare. The camera shifts around crazily, causing your directions to flip-flop and leaving you punching empty water while an enemy bashes you on the head. And if all this wasn't enough, the graphics have their moments where you will mistake Aquaman for a slightly muscular woman swimming around, and you'll wonder if you've suddenly been teleported into a completely different, and equally bad, game.

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    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    It must be something about the name Charlie, because Charlie and the Chocolate Factory manages to be only slightly better than Charlie's Angels. Unlike the other games on this list, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at least has one thing going for it: it's shiny. That's where the fun stops, however. Avid gamers and hopeless beginners alike will find it all too easy to zip through this game with their eyes closed. Even if you stop to collect all the extra items along the way, you'll still be left bored at the end. Aside from the fancy coloring, the graphics aren't anything stellar. They could have been worse, but the jumpy camera takes away from what little enjoyment you might have found in this game. Overly simple in challenges, it's like a walk in the park. Younger children might enjoy this game, but they'll have to get around the frustration of the camera angles first. The worst part of the game? They didn't bother to get Johnny Depp for the voice of Willy Wonka.

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    The Italian Job

    The last game to make the list of the top 5 worst GameCube games is none other than The Italian Job. Fans of the movie and of racing games in general will all be disappointed when they try their hand at this boring attempt at a good game. The cars are bland, the plot is bland, the scenery is bland, and overall the game is just plain bland. While this is the only game on the list that doesn't have extremely terrible camera work, that's the only good thing you'll find about it. It's nothing like the movie, and no one will find the races or stunt runs to be fun or exciting. It's very easy to flip your car and have to restart, and the stunt runs are more about occasionally running your car off the top of objects than performing any sort of stunt. If you're looking for a racing game, this is not the way to go. You're better off buying something else or renting The Italian Job on DVD. Watching the movie will give you a more interactive experience than playing this game.

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