Top Gamecube Accessories, Get the Most Out of Your Console with These Must-Have Nintendo Gamecube Accessories

Top Gamecube Accessories, Get the Most Out of Your Console with These Must-Have Nintendo Gamecube Accessories
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The Nintendo Gamecube will probably go down as one of the finest overlooked consoles of all time. Its sales numbers were dwarfed by those of Sony’s Playstation 2 and Microsoft’s Xbox, but a large number of high-quality must-play titles were released throughout the console’s lifespan.

Nowadays, curious gamers can pick up a used Gamecube for around 30 dollars. Those interested in checking out what Nintendo’s tiny box can do should consider the following accessories. Each can help gamers get the most out of their Nintendo Gamecube

Nintendo Gamecube Memory Card

Modern disk-based media like Gamecube games are strictly read-only, so gamers who wish to save their progress will need to pick up a memory card for their Gamecube. There are third-party memory options available, but I highly recommend picking up a Nintendo first-party card for the system. The quality of third-party accessories can be iffy and you don’t want to mess around when it comes to saving the countless hours you’ve put into Super Smash Bros: Melee.

Controller Extension Cable

Nintendo Gamecube Controller Extension Cable

One of Nintendo’s most baffling design decisions is the approximate four-foot length of the standard Gamecube controller cord. For most set-ups, this is much too short. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy playing their Gamecube games while sitting on the floor should definitely look into this inexpensive add on.

Nintendo Wavebird Controller

Nintendo Gamecube Wavebird Controller by Nintendo

For those who are willing to spend a little more to alleviate their controller cord deficiencies there is the Wavebird Controller. Produced by Nintendo, the Wavebird was one of the first wireless controllers produced by a system manufacturer. The response time is crisp and the controller feels solid in your hand.

The one disadvantage of the Wavebird is the lack of rumble functionality, so those who absolutely need tactile feedback while gaming should pick up a controller extension cord instead.

Nintendo Gamecube Component Cables

Nintendo Gamecube Component Cables by Nintendo

Anyone planning on connecting their Gamecube to a high-quality modern television knows that the standard A/V Composite cables that come with the console simply won’t do. For the highest-quality picture possible, gamers should purchase a set of Component cables for the console.

Normally I’d strictly recommend the first-party cables, but they can be hard to locate so in this case any component cables you can find for the console will do.

You wouldn’t think so, but the difference between Composite and Component cables is quite striking. It’s amazing how good even an older console can look with the right cables.

Nintendo Gamecube Game Boy Player

Nintendo Gamecube Game Boy Player by Nintendo

One of the coolest accessories for the Gamecube was the Game Boy Player. Gamers who attached it to the bottom of their Gamecube consoles gained the ability to play all Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games on their living room television sets. Playing Pokemon full screen while sitting on the couch is light years better than squinting to read the text on the GBA’s dimly-lit screen.

Some of the most amazing games of the previous console generation were released on the GBA, not to mention numerous Nintendo classics of old like the entire 8- and 16-bit iterations of both the Mario and Zelda franchises. GBA and Game Boy games can be picked up for next to nothing nowadays, and the Game Boy Player enables gamers to enjoy them all in the comfort of their living room.

A note of caution: if you’re thinking of picking up a used Game Boy Player for your Gamecube, make sure that the boot disk is included in the package. It absolutely will not function without it.

The Nintendo Gamecube is quite possibly the greatest little console in gaming history. These accessories will ensure that anyone who wishes to explore all the Gamecube has to offer will get the most possible enjoyment out of the console.