A List Of 10 Video Games Based on Movies Players Would Love See Made For The Xbox 360

A List Of 10 Video Games Based on Movies Players Would Love See Made For The Xbox 360
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Movies I’d Love To See Made Into Xbox 360 Games

Most video games based on movies stink; sadly that is the nicest way to put it. Most movie based games I personally have played have been nothing more than video games that were rushed in order to hit shelves at, or around, the same time the movie hits the theater. Rushed jobs like this are very obvious for many reason, from glitches to being very confusing (can’t give to much of the movie away) plots.

There are some good video gamesbased on movies though. I can’t knock all of them, some actually are impressive. And, if the developers would pay more attention to the video games themselves, they can easily create more.

Unfortunately though, even the good video games based on movies stink due to the fact that they are movie based games that hardcore gamers really won’t be interested in. How about tossing in some good old fashioned flicks that just about everyone could appreciate? Why not resurrect classics by turning them into video games? I mean heck, Ghostbusters did it with the release of the game, so why not other movies?

Here are my tops picks for video games based on movies,and why I want to see them made into video games for the Xbox 360 and possibly Playstation 2, or any other console for that matter.

#1: Labyrinth

Seriously, how spectacular would it be if someone would come out with a video game based off of the classical story of Labyrinth!? This is by far one of my favorite movies, while it is fun, it is also colorful, scary, and dangerous. All of these things are elements that could be used in a game to visually stun us. Creating a video game based on a movie here would not only be a great game, but it could easily be turned into several different genres of video games: horror, kids, action, you name it.

#2: Neverending Story

Hello, riding on a giant fluffy magical dragon while attempting to save the universe!? Need I say more!? With the remake of the movie set for 2012, I wonder if they will rush out some video games based on movies like this one? Likely they will, but I do hope that when they do, especially for the Xbox 360, it is something that would be worth waiting for.

#3: Twilight

OK, so maybe all of the love scenes could be cut out and saved for small cut scenes in the game. However playing a game as Edward Cullen, ripping apart other vampires and hunting animals…well that just sounds like a vampy good time especially on the Xbox 360! Rumor has it that video games based on movies of Twilight, is in the makes as I write this, so I am more than excited to see how it turns out. I just finished sucking the life out of the last book in the saga, and I would love to get my Cullen fix in a video game.

#4: The Bride of Chucky

Seriously, nothing would be sweeter than running around an open ended world while controlling the most feared doll in a video game based on movies about Chucky. They could really spice things up by allowing players to tag team with other players who would control the bride, and his wicked looking (yet not so evil) son. Think about it - the movies that turned us all off to dolls when we were little could become one of the best video games based on movies out there… if it were done right.

#5: Puppet Master

I love dolls that pack an evil killing punch, and nothing would satisfy my sweet tooth more than Puppet Master for the Xbox 360. Give me control over a clan of evil dolls, evil dolls that each have their own special murderous ability, and what you have is Pikmin gone bad! Oh yeah! Any video games based on movies of the Puppet Master would completely rock - and be great addictive games as well.

#6: Nightmare on Elm Street

The game has been done ages and ages ago, but what we could use is a killer reinvented game, with the killer graphics that the Xbox 360 is capable of delivering. With the release of a new Nightmare on Elm Street due for April of 2010, I imagine these video games based on movies of Elm Street will in fact come to play. I just hope they don’t rush it, and I hope it delivers what fans have been waiting for: Blood, guts, and glory.

#7: Thriller

I know, I am lame, however I grew up with Michael Jackson, and know every single word, and dance step to the hit flick Thriller. Not only do I think a zombie based video game would be good, I think that the soundtrack would be phenomenal. Combine the two, and you have yourself a hardcore fan fun game. Plus, when you really think about it, there are so many different aspects that any of these video games based on movies of Thriller could take on: horror, dance, music, etc. There is a never ending list of genres that Thriller could be.

#8: It

Freaky evil clown-check

Goliath human eating spider- check

Group of heroic children- check

…need I say more?

Man there is so much that could be done with a video game based off of the hit book/movie ‘It’, by Stephen King. Why they haven’t thought of it sooner is still confusing to me especially since horror survival video games are certainly all the rage lately.

#9: Dennis The Menace

I know it has been done before on older consoles, but seriously a cute and wholesome game like Dennis The Menace would thrill female and younger gamers. Frankly, I am sick and tired of all of the ‘male’ audience video games that are released month after month. Give me something cute, something fluffy…something for girls for crying out loud! And, the ability to run around town causing all sorts of mischievous fun would be great as well - and something any kid would love to do!

#10: Mickey Mouse and Friends

We have ignored Mickey Mouse for far too long in video games based on movies and there are a ton of great Mickey movies out there today. I want a game that features him and his pal Pluto, and Mini. Give me Donald Duck, Scrooge, the rooster with the annoying voice ‘I say’. You can easily develop Mickey Mouse into a great set of different video games based on movies that star our favorite mouse with all different types of audiences in them, so you would go wrong here. Even the video games based on his cartoons of old did great on older consoles, so why not the Xbox 360?

Video Games Based on Movies

Overall, there are probably thousands of different games out there that would make superb video games - if the developers would just slow down and take their time making them. While many of the movies on my list are older movies, this wouldn’t be hard to do. And, with just this short list of 10 movies, game creators and publishers could easily make tons of great video games.

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