Worst Xbox 360 Games: Don't Waste Your Money On These Lame Titles

Worst Xbox 360 Games: Don't Waste Your Money On These Lame Titles
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Bad Games? Really?

Yep, they are out there. Lingering on shelves, gathering dust in boxes, lurking in brightly lit display cases - just waiting for you to spend your money on them and take them home. There is no red light, no warning flare to go off when you pick them up, oh no. These are silent killers - until you get home and actually play them.

To save you the horror that many a gamer has felt, here is my list of the most horrible Xbox 360 games that you should never buy - in no particular order here are the worst offenders of them all:

#5: Damnation (1 out of 5)

Oh where to start on this one… while the story line is actually original, the rest leaves too much to be desired. The basics of a FPS don’t even apply here, as this game basically makes everything that it tries to be look horrible - from the “steampunk” atmosphere to the FPS tactics to the horrible frame rates and more (I could go on and on here). There is just too much going on that you don’t know if this is a platform or a FPS or what the heck it is, and with the horrible frame rate and the terrible game play, well, this one is better left in that horrible smoking box that you found it in.

#4: Beijing 2008 (1 out of 5)


There are times that some sports competitions are better left out of the video game industry and certainly the Beijing 2008 Olympics were one. This game literally lives up to every other Olypmic video game that has ever been made and really, this is not a good thing at all. Beijing 2008 is probably one of the hardest games to learn and to play and you will find that you get ready to just shut the whole console down after a few minutes of playing this game. It takes forever to load up, and the menus are super hard to navigate. Don’t bother with this one either - all you will end up is restarting until you finally turn it off..

#3: Rapala Fishing Frenzy 2009 (1 out of 5)


Yes, this is a brand new game that just hit the market, yet it is just so terrible that I can’t even believe that I’m writing about it. In other console fishing games, you actually have to put in some effort, actively try to catch the fish. In Rapala Fishing Frenzy, you don’t really have to do squat. You don’t have to move your boat, you don’t have to change your lure, and you never have to really worry about where your cast goes as every cast will bring you up a fish. So, really, unless you want an Xbox 360 game that a toddler can play and make them feel special - don’t bother with this one.

#2: Vampire Rain (1 out of 5)


At first, the game looks good. Heck, it even sounds like fun to play when you read the box and check out some of the graphics. But, take it from me - it’s not. In a vampire game, you kill them in some great exaggerated overly superstitious way, like with the sunlight, a stake through the heart, and so on. Yet, in Vampire Rain, you can really just sneak by every single one, literally. So, why even really try to kill them or fight them and waste your energy pushing buttons? This game get so stinkin' boring so fast that it’s hard to even stay awake… maybe that’s why this game was made, so the vampires can sneak in on you.

#1: Sonic the Hedgehog (1 out of 5)


Ok, when I heard that my favorite Sega character was coming to Xbox 360, I got way overexcited. But, after seeing the game, and trying it out… yeah, well, I’ll never get that hour of my life back is all I can say. Basically, here’s the jist of why you should never buy this game: Nintendo and Microsoft forgot every reason that we loved Sonic in the first place. They replaced old favorite toons with new ones, took the game play down several notches, and even managed to make the controls just downright weird to try to play. And who really needs, or wants, to see a hedgehog and a human kiss? Seriously?