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    • How to Get a Free Xbox Live Gold Membership on Your Xbox 360
      Unlike its major competitors in the console business, playing online on the Xbox 360 is not free. Gamers need an Xbox Live Gold Membership to compete online. For those with empty pockets, all is not lost. There are a few ways to gain free access to the service.
    • Newsflash: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii Are All Awesome
      Sure, we're all going to have our own personal preferences, but why go through such great lengths to bash a perfectly good gaming system? In comparing Wii, Playstation and Xbox, they all come out on top.
    • Top 5 Xbox 360 Games Under Twenty Dollars
      Any value-conscious Xbox 360 gamer should consider these five fantastic titles available at budget prices. Our list offers great games for fans of shooters, RPGs, music games, and racing games alike.
    • Instructions to Redeem Xbox Live Marketplace Codes
      Purchasing a code for that new game addon or bundle of Microsoft Points is the easy part. Figuring out just where you're supposed to enter it can be a little more difficult. Our guide will walk you through the process of redeeming Xbox Live codes from start to finish.
    • 6 Reasons why the Xbox 360 is finished
      Is the Xbox 360 finished? Here you will find 6 reasons why this may be true
    • Xbox 360 Kinect Games: Is Hands-Free the Future of Gaming?
      Microsoft are promising a revolution in how we control and interact with video games with their new Kinect system for Xbox 360. Bright Hub takes a look at the first batch of Xbox 360 Kinect games and judges whether they can live up to the hype.
    • Xbox Live Avatar Awards and How to Get Them
      Is your Xbox Live Avatar looking a little plain and threadbare? Bright Hub shows you how to access some snazzy new threads and accessories for your Avatar and what Xbox 360 games feature unlockable hidden Xbox Live Avatar Awards.
    • Great Ideas for a New XBOX Live Gamertag
      Your Xbox Live Gamertag is what defines you in the Xbox 360 community, but with so many players on Live now it can appear hard to come up with an original and memorable name. Bright Hub is here to provide some advice on cool gamertag ideas, and what's best to avoid.
    • Sexual Harrassment on Xbox Live - Apparently It's Worth Being Suspended For
      The Xbox Live Complaints System is constantly monitored by the security team in charge of it. Most victims of Harrassment (sexual or otherwise) file complaints on offenders who must know that they will be banned, so why does this not bother them?
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