The Best Free Online Interactive Murder Mystery Games Are Compiled in this Bright Hub Article

The Best Free Online Interactive Murder Mystery Games Are Compiled in this Bright Hub Article
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You don’t have to wear that salt and pepper tweed deerstalker hat or a matching overcoat to solve these online interactive murder mystery games. All you need to do is grab your PC mouse, interact with the objects that lay scattered at the crime scene, interrogate suspects, look for solid crime scene evidence and unleash your deductive abilities to catch the murderer. These plain and simple point-and-click online murder mystery games let you have a keen eye for detail to uncover the mystery behind the murder and the motive.

Most of the free murder mystery games online featured here allow you to show your crime-solving skills by questioning the suspects and solving a variety of inventory and logic-based puzzles to get a clue. They test your sleuthing skills by presenting difficult situations that require you to jog your grey cells and solve them. There are also special websites dedicated entirely to wannabe detectives who want to unleash their deductive logic by collecting evidence and interrogating suspects. They let you create your virtual detective and then transport you straight to the crime scene where the murder took place. Whether online flash games or websites, the best free online murder mystery games are quite immersive and engaging. Here’s a rundown of the best free online murder mystery games:

Nick Bounty: A Case of Crabs

At first, this point-and-click online interactive murder mystery game will remind you of film noir detective thrillers – the same black-and-white movie effect, a detective waiting for a client in his cabin, and a femme fatale who mysteriously bumps in for help. But wait, the opening scene is slightly different than those classic Hollywood crime thrillers. Instead of a damsel-in-distress, you have a salesman who bumps in to sell crabs and gets murdered instantly. Now, it’s up to you to help detective Nick Bounty to uncover the mystery behind the murder of the salesman, and the mystery surely revolves around crabs!

A Case of Crabs retains the B&W effect that has really been one of the main elements of film noirs. However, the 2D character artwork is crude. The game uses a point-and-click interface a la Maniac Mansion. You will have to choose the right command from a list of commands at the bottom of the screen to interact with suspects and use them to solve puzzles. Since the main premise revolves around solving a murder case, the game surely allows you to unleash your detective skills.

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Murder Mystery: The Crown of Jewels

Murder Mystery - The Crown of Jewels - One of the Best Free Murder Mystery Games Online

An online interactive murder mystery set in the medieval age, The Crown of Jewels is a nice little point-and-click flash game that tests your reasoning and puzzle-solving skills. At first, you will have to escape a medieval prison by interacting with objects and using them to escape from a broken window. You will then have to engage in a discussion with the palace guards who will reveal that the King has been murdered and his crown stolen. Your objective is to find the murderer and retrieve the stolen crown.

The game uses the same point-and-click interface as seen on Maniac Mansion. You have a set of commands at the bottom of the screen. Choose the right command to interact with the environment and solve a variety of puzzles. With an interesting plot, a medieval setting and good 2D visuals, The Crown of Jewels is one of the best murder mystery games online.

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Sleuth: Shades of Mystery

Sleuth - Shades of Mystery Screenshot

If you are looking for a site entirely dedicated to virtual crime scene investigations, then Sleuth is the right website for you. This online point-and-click detective role-playing game has got a variety of cases to solve and all involve clue-searching, interviewing witnesses and questioning suspects. You can solve any of the featured murder mysteries in multiple ways, and each ending will be different from the other. Just like other murder mystery games online, Sleuth tests your deductive reasoning, but involves a little bit of luck to nab the culprit.

Detective Creation Screen

Sleuth: Shades of Mystery has a character creation screen similar to a role-playing game. You will first have to create your detective’s appearance and then select a background, which is nothing but the past-life or profession of the detective. You can choose anything from a freelance investigative reporter to a retired lawyer, a disillusioned police detective or disgraced doctor. While the character backgrounds are quite interesting and unusual, the entire game truly clings to the murder mystery genre. You will be transported to the crime scene, investigate the dead body and the surrounding areas, look for clues and collect evidence. The site also has an online community where you can share your crime-solving skills with other detectives, seek hints from them and get help on anything related to the online interactive murder mystery games featured.

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Scene of Crime

Scene of Crime - One of the Best Free Online Interactive Murder Mystery Games

A grungy motel room, a man found murdered in the shower, some bleach and blood trails…perfect ingredients for an online interactive murder mystery game. Scene of Crime depicts the film noir perfectly. With graphic-novel type cut-scenes and superb pencil artwork, the game truly creates a tense atmosphere. You don the detective’s hat to solve a murder mystery on a dilapidated motel apartment. The game involves collecting key evidence and using your deductive reasoning to find the suspect and crack the case. Along with the crime scene, you will have to investigate other rooms and gather evidence to get close to the suspect.

Scene of Crime 2 Screenshot 2

This online interactive murder mystery game is quite interesting. You must have a keen eye for detail; if anything misses, you will miss a vital chance to nab the murderer. The game’s nice pencil artwork and comic book fonts remind you of any good mystery graphic novel. The lightening effects are truly well done and the graphics top-notch. If you are looking for engaging murder mystery games online, then you must play Scene of Crime.

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