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Five Totally Free DOS Games

by: Anurag Ghosh ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Interested in bringing home a few favourites to play? This looks into the free versions of Race Drivin, Quake, Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, and Duke Nukem.

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    Wolfenstein 3D

    Developed by id Software and published by Apogee Software, Activision, and GT Interactive, Wolf3D was a 1992 3D shooter that blew everyone away. This shareware version is only 711 KB and will have you reliving the first person shooter that was the remake of Castle Woftenstein. You will go around mazes (like DOOM) that kill the Nazis as you make your way around and out of different labs and prison cells. A very fun and addictive game.


    Developed by id Software and published by id Software, DOOM was a 1993 3D shooter that really took this platform of the maze scrolling shooter to the top of the gaming level. This shareware version is a mere 2.33 MB and will have you remembering why you loved the game so much. You get access to more weapons than on Wolf3D (remember the BFG?) and instead of shooting up the Nazis you are dealing with subhuman monsters. Everything else is just about the same as Wolf3D, but you won’t care, it’ll still be just as addictive to you.

    Duke Nukem 3D

    Developed by 3D Realms and published FormGen this was a 1996 3D shooter that stayed on the same vein as DOOM and Wolf3D. This shareware version takes 5.64 MB. Duke is out there to kick some butt and rid the city of aliens that have come to LA. By this time the platform that made the others famous had high res support and network play. This series has been made into many many remakes throughout the years.


    Developed by id Software and published by id Software, this 1996 3D Shooter was a historic take from Doom. It was on a new 3D engine that went from being called the Doom platform to the Quake engine. This shareware edition has an 8.67 MB download and had the run and shoot philosophy to game play. It was this Quake that started the multiplayer phenom that still exists today.

    Race Drivin 95

    The only one in this list that isn’t a 3D shooter, Race Drivin was developed by Tengen and Atari games and was published by Domark Software. This 1995 Race Simulation was a heavy hitter in arcades everywhere. This freeware edition is a 403 KB download. It may not have the Grand Turismo look, but this old style race game has all of the fun that you remembered as you fed quarters into it in arcades everywhere. It will give you the option of racing with the mouse or the keyboard.