Xbox 360 Achievements for Forza Motorsport: Your Gamer’s Guide To Help You Gather Them All

How this Xbox 360 achievement list works:


Below, I have listed out in detail all of the XBOX 360 achievements for Forza Motorsport. These achievements have different point values which contribute to your overall gamer score. The points you get for each Xbox 360 achievement is listed to the right of the achievements description.

The point in having these Xbox 360 achievements on hand is so that you can strive towards meeting them instead of simple hoping to inadvertently complete them. For example, by knowing that to getting a gold medal in very Arcade Race will unlock and achievement and the subsequent 35 points, you can make sure you get a gold in all those races.

The Forza Motorsport Xbox 360 Achievements You Can Earn

1. ‘All Time Trials Set’

You must beat the target time for each Time Trial challenge.40 points

2. ‘All Bronze Arcade’

Get a bronze medal in all the arcade races.15 points

3. ‘All Silver Arcade’

Get a silver medal in all the arcade races.25 points

4. ‘All Gold Arcade’

Get a gold medal in every arcade race.35 points

5. ‘Flawless Lap’

Finish a lap with no time penalty put against you.5 points

6. ‘Flawless Race’

Finish a race without getting a time penalty5 points

7. ‘Natural’

Win a race with all of the driver assists turned off. This can be done from the options menu.5 points

8. ‘Hardcore’

Win a race with assists tuned off and on full difficulty.5 points

9. ‘Underdog’

Awarded to the driver who wins the race with a car in the lowest PI of the field.5 points

10. ‘Blowout’

Win a race ahead of the rest by a full race section.5 points

11. ‘Crushing Victory’

Lap an opponent and win the race.5 points

12. ‘Hard Charger’

Start in eighth place and finish first.5 points

13. ‘Level 1’

Reach level one in career mode.5 points

14. ‘All Gold ( in Proving Grounds)’

Get a gold medal in Career mode in every race of the ‘Proving Ground‘ variety.15 points

15. ‘Level 10’

Get to level ten in Career Mode.15 points

16. ‘All Gold (in Manufacturer Club)’

Get a gold medal in every career race of the Manufacturer Club Varient.20 points

17. ‘Level 20’

Get to level 20 in Career mode.20 points

18. ‘All Gold (Amateur Cup)’

Get a gold medal in ever Amateur Career race.25 points

19. ‘All Gold (Rivalry Face-offs)’

Get a gold medal in every Rivalry career mode race.30 points

20. ‘Level 30’

Get to level thirty in Career.30 points

21. ‘All Gold (Semi-Pro Events)‘

Get a gold medal in every Semi-Pro Career race.35 points

22. ‘All Gold (Factory-Spec)’

Achieve a gold medal in every Career event of the Pro Spec Race Type.40 points

23. ‘Level 40’

Reach level 40 in career mode40 points

24. ‘All Gold (Regional Championship)’

Get a gold medal in ever regional race.50 points

25. ‘All Gold (Professional Series)’

Get a shiny gold medal in every single Career race of the Pro Series Race Type.60 points

26. ‘All Gold (Endurance)’

Get a gold medal in every Career event of the Endurance Race Type.70 points

27. ‘Level 50’

Get to level fifty in the Career Mode.50 points

28. ‘All Gold All Race Types’

Get a gold medal in every race in every event in the Career Mode (This one is a difficult challenge).75 points

29. ‘Car Level 5’

Get to Car level fiver in Career.5 points

30. ‘All Cars from France’

Have all of the game’s cars from France in your Career garage.1 points

31. ‘All Cars from Germany’

Have all of the game’s cars from Germany in your Career garage.15 points

32. ‘All Cars from Italy’

Have all of the game’s cars from Italy in your Career garage.10 points

33. ‘All Cars from Japan’

Have all of the game’s cars from Japan in your Career garage.30 points

34. ‘All Cars from Korea’

Have all of the game’s cars from Korea in your Career garage.1 points

35. ‘All Cars from Spain’

Have all of the game’s cars from Spain in your Career garage.1 points

36. ‘All Cars from Sweden’

Have all of the game’s cars from Sweden in your Career garage.2 points

37. ‘All Cars from the United Kingdom’

Have all of the game’s cars from the UK in your Career garage.5 points

38. ‘All Cars from the United States’

Have all of the games cars from the USA in your Career garage.25 points

39. ‘1,000,000 Online Credits’

Earn a massive 1,000,000 "Online Credits" from Tournaments and Career races.30 points

40. ‘Car Broker’

Either buy or sell ten cars online in the game’s online auction house20 points

41. ‘Secret – Collector 1’ Have all production cars.30 points

42. ‘Secret – Collector 2’ Have all aftermarket tuner cars.30 points

43. ‘Secret -Collector 3’ Have all the race cars.30 points

44. ‘Secret -Collector 4’ Have all the cars in the game.

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