Final Fantasy VIII

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    • Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough - Ifrit and the Fire Cavern
      The Fire Cavern in Final Fantasy 8 is the first time in the game that your ability to use the game's combat and junction systems is tested. With this guide, you will be able to soar through the Fire Cavern, get the Guardian Force Ifrit, and earn the highest marks on your SeeD Report.
    • Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough - SeeD Exam Boss Battles
      In this segment of the Final Fantasy 8 guide, we discuss the three boss battles you'll encounter in the SeeD exam on disk one, and how to defeat them. We also show you how to get the highest possible SeeD exam score as regards the X-ATM092 spider robot boss.
    • Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough - The SeeD Exam
      In this section of the FF8 Walkthrough we take you through the SeeD Exam on disk one, and tell you how to get the best possible SeeD score. Higher SeeD level means more daily Gil, so pay attention!
    • Advanced Rules for the Final Fantasy 8 Card Game
      Triple Triad is a mini game found in Final Fantasy 8 that can enhance the gameplay experience. Not only it is an enjoyable part of the game, but it can make it easier to obtain advanced items and magics, especially early on. We discuss the advanced gameplay and trading rules of FF8 Triple Triad
    • Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough - Balamb Garden Training Center
      After the SeeD inauguration party Squall has one challenge left to face before his first SeeD mission - the Training Center and a female's sad story. He may completely fail at being sensitive, but at least in this part of the game you get to beat up on some great monsters and bosses.
    • Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough - SeeD Inauguration
      In one of the most beloved and remembered sections of the epic Final Fantasy VIII game, we'll go through the events following the SeeD exam, up through the epic Dance and SeeD inauguration party.
    • Final Fantasy VIII Triple Triad - How to Play the FF8 Card Game
      Learn how to play the Triple Triad mini card game in Final Fantasy 8 and how you can use it to get better items and magics throughout the game.
    • Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough - Introduction to Final Fantasy 8 and Balamb Garden
      In this introduction to the massively popular RPG for PC and Playstation, we review the starting area, basic gameplay, and a few advanced tactics.
    • Mastering the Junction System in Final Fantasy VIII
      Become a master of the Junction system in Final Fantasy 8 and get the most out of the game. Junctioning is a fun and unique system in FF8 that allows you to customize a character's stats, power, attacks, and abilities. Learn all about the Final Fantasy VIII junction system.