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Do Not Fear: F.E.A.R. 2 Walkthrough – Interval 02 – Isolation - Awakening

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The second part of our walkthrough for F.E.A.R. – Project Origin, which looks at what happened to our hero after losing his senses in Genevieve’s penthouse.

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    Interval 02 begins with a lengthy cut-sequence which finds you in an operating room, struggling with your life as surgeons try desperately to revive you. You will eventually wake up and will be able to move about freely but, much to your surprise, the room and hospital will now be deserted. You’ll first need to find a weapon and get back with your team (as your objectives).

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    Interval 02 – Isolation - Awakening

    As you wake up you can move forward and and go out through the door and head left, through to a set of double doors. The hospital is quite large and can be hard to get around; in any case it is a good idea to explore the facility for medi-kits and anything else you can find. Be aware that the tension is quite high here; pieces of board will fall off the ceiling, the lights will go off and Alma will appear in places but, aside from the shock element, they don’t pose any physical threat.

    Head upstairs in order to meet Genevieve again and confront yourself with Vanek’s Ops. Follow the map (fig 1) to head there; there are many other rooms which you can explore, but only the path to the Staff Only room upstairs is included.

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    Map to 2nd floor

    2nd Floor
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    1. Upstairs in the Hospital

    Once upstairs turn left, then right and follow the corridor; someone will be shot (it’s too late now) and you’ve also been spotten by Vanek’s men. Turn left into the ‘Staff Only’ room, then follow the corridor which will take you up to a fenced area with a medi-kit. Now turn right and move straight ahead, where Genevieve Aristide will have something to say. A new objective is added: Get to the T.A.C. lab. Turn left and head straight for the exit, and get ready to tango with some of Vanek’s forces.


    You’ll be able to get to the medi-kit by opening the locked gate. Move through the corridor until you find a door; enter the room and you can also pick up a piece of Intel which tells you what’s happening in the hospital. Now exit and you will notice you can use ‘Slow-mo’ from here onwards in the game, by picking up reflex-injectors. Go into the nearest room and swiftly pick up the machine-gun on the table: now get rid of the ops. You can also pick up frag-grenades afterwards, when it’s safer.

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    Staff only room and Genevieve

    Staff Only roomThe old witch has something to say...
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    Move through the room until you find a set of double doors; this door is going to open and lots of goons are going to come out, so either take cover or throw your grenades and hide. In any case get rid of them, as per usual, and move straight ahead until you find a room labelled ‘Laboratory’ on your left. Be aware that the place will be absolutely filled with Black-ops, so you need to watch your step. Pick up everything on the table, after you’ve eliminated everyone, and get ready for more fighting as you move on.

    When you get to the windows, by the broken vending-machines, ops will start firing from downstairs: do what’s necessary and jump down. Activate the elevator and wait (guys will still attack you). Once the door’s open get in and activate the panel (E key). They’ll soon realise your tricks and stop the elevator, but it will stop mid-floor; crouch and get into the shaft underneath. You’ll need to locate a lift that works as a result though (new objective).

    Head straight then right, through the broken glass-doors, and keep moving ahead. You’ll need to find a key-card to enter the morgue (look for a ‘Patient’s Room’).

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    The Lab
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    2. The Morgue

    Keep moving forward, and once you’re in the clear you can explore various rooms. There are also new weapons to pick up, such as a combat-shotgun dropped by enemies. Eventually you’ll come to a darker corridor which will lead you to the morgue itself; Alma will be appearing at different intervals here, it would be good to follow her since she leads you to where you need to be.

    Once there you’ll need to move the trolley which is stuck between the lift doors (your action key). Congrats, the lift is now working and you can go to the third floor.

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    3. Third-Floor

    Now you’ll have to keep the action key pressed in order to open the stuck lift door. Go into ‘Office 202’ and find a door to another reception-area; there will be armed ops here so be alert. To the right of the vending-machine there is a door, where the ops have come from. Enter the door and keep going (you will still have to shoot your way through). You’ll reach a large lab full of hostiles; once this is clear keep going until you get to an elevator. There will be more soldiers, but when you are able to, you can now get into an open room with a staircase; go down the stairs and end the chapter.