Gamers FEAR 2: Project Origin PS3 Console Game Review

Gamers FEAR 2: Project Origin PS3 Console Game Review
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The good parts (4 out of 5)

Capcom included a nice feature that slows the action as you go into reflex-time and shows the battle in a wonderful visual ballet that makes it easier to take on groups of enemies.

The new mechs provide needed variety to the game play, there engaging and enjoyable mayhem as you climb into an armored-suit and open up on the enemy with deadly machine guns and explosive rockets that just devastates them.

The atmosphere of horror and fear is still present in the PS3 console version of FEAR 2: Project Origin, you’ll still jump out of your seat at times as the pace of the game immerses you in the action, and you forget where you’re just for a second.

Parts that need improvement (4 out of 5)

The multiplayer mode could have been a little better, it feels like they added it as an after thought, and doesn’t feel complete, like filler for something they new everybody would be expecting.

They do rely on a lot of old stand-bys to try to deliver the fear to the atmosphere of the PS3 console version, relying more on rock solid game play and mechanics to deliver the entertainment value, rather than horrific moments and good old inspiration.

The graphical story (4 out of 5)

The visual presentation of FEAR 2: Project Origin is pretty good, there were a few rather bland screens that were dull in comparison to others, but Capcom did a good job of using the power of the PS3 console to good effect. Victims erupt in red gushers as you impact on their torsos and leave trails of blood on the walls and floors as they flail around in their last movements, the rag-doll death animations are fun and enjoyable to view.

The visual effects definitely help to immerse you in the moments of intense action and help to keep the atmosphere tense in moments when the action happens to slow for a few moments. Grenade explosions create nice visual distortions that look amazing in slow motion, bullets leave a trail in the air you can see, or your flashlight flickers and you find yourself surrounded by ghostly figures that give you a quick jolt of adrenalin.


PS3 horror at its best

Video game heaven!

Console gaming at its best

The sounds in the game (4 out of 5)

The sound effects were very good, with creaks and groans that inspire the imagination, the sound of somebody pounding on piano keys, inhuman atrocities releasing ear-rending and confusing screams as they attack you, and even sound effects that become slightly dulled and slow nicely during the slowed down combat sequences.

The music score was pretty good, it swelled to meet the action, and slowed when appropriate in an ebb and flow tidal action that increased the adrenalin flow and then makes you think you can relax for a moment.

Story line (3 out of 5)

The Playstation 3 version of FEAR 2: Project Origin picks up minutes before the cataclysmic psychic explosion that concluded the first game. You’re Michael Becket, part of the Delta Force Special Forces unit sent in to bring Genevieve Aristide, the President of the nefarious Armacham Technology Corporation, – which is responsible for turning Alma into a supernatural entity with the ability to turn you into a messy pile of bones and blood with the power of her mind – to justice.

Detaining the lady Genevieve will turn nasty when you encounter a exhibitionist Alma, who is free after seventeen years of confinement and pissed-off, and due to release her fury on the world. You have to battle your way to safety through a ruined landscape of crumbling city blocks, and nicely rendered environments, like an elementary school, luxury penthouses, a secret science facility, and even a dark subway system.

Want to play again? (3 out of 5)

The PS3 version of FEAR 2: Project Origin isn’t going to scare you as much as you might think, but it’s a solid shooter with a touch of fear that becomes an extreme challenge if played on hard difficulty.

Capcom included a single player mode, a multiplayer mode, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes, versions of Capture and Capture the Flag, and a Failsafe mode, all of which took me about 28 hours to play in total.

The new environments are nice, but its not a open world, the objects will limit your movements at several points as you make your way across the ruined city.

The Reflex skill is a nice addition that you need to survive in this game, the ability to slow things down to a manageable level really improves the experience and the moments when the action crawls forward are the best parts of the experience.

The final mark (3 out of 5)

FEAR 2: Project Origin entertains the senses enough to be recommended as a good shooter with the ability to occasionally up the entertainment level with environments and game play that can immerse you in the action. Capcom certainly attempted to fix a few of the problems noticed in the earlier games by adding new environments and monster types to improve the experience, but while they were doing this they seem to have lost touch with the aspect of the franchise that has allowed it to move away from the pack, the fear factor.