Fallout: New Vegas Guide - Talent Pool

Fallout: New Vegas Guide - Talent Pool
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Fallout: New Vegas has a countless amount of side-quests that vary from killing hideous mutated monsters to helping out citizens of the Mojave. While some quests are a blast to complete, others may be a bit too challenging – eventually they might even become annoying.

In this guide , you’ll learn how to complete Fallout: New Vegas’s “Talent Pool” quest; a quest that involves you helping a man named Tommy Torini, who is the manager of The Aces – he needs more performers to attract a bigger audience.

Below you will find out how to get the quest started, as well as detailed sections outlining the locations and requirements in order to convince each individual to go to The Aces – which will ultimately guide you through the entire quest.

Getting Started

To start the quest, you’re going to need to go to The Tops casino located in the New Vegas Strip. Once inside, go straight up the stairs where the cashier is located, there should a double door with a sign above saying “The Aces”.

Once inside, look for a man named Tommy Torini – he’s an African American with an eye-patch. Talk to him about the entertainment in The Aces. Eventually you’ll be given an option to ask Tommy if he needs help looking for more performers, at which point the quest will be granted to you. You’ll be given four business cards to distribute to four talented individuals.

Note: During your conversation with Tommy, at the point where he asks for you to act as a talent scout, you’ll be given a Barter option to ask for 5% of the earnings as opposed to the 3% he offers – your Barter skill will need to be 50 or higher to achieve this.

Billy Knight

Billy Knight is the easiest out of the four to locate. The moment you step outside The Tops casino, head towards the gate that obstructs you from the Lucky 38. To the left of the gate will be Billy Knight.

When talking to Billy Knight about the job offer, it becomes clear that he isn’t confident in terms of pay – and offers to do the job at a ridiculously low price.

Billy Knight

If your Barter skill is 25 or higher, you’ll be able to talk him into being more confident, this will grant you 90 Caps, as opposed to the 45 you would of received had you not used the Barter option.

Once Billy Knight heads off to The Tops, you’ll be required to do the same if you wish to pick up your share of the pay – same applies for the other three individuals.


Hadrian is a Ghoul Comedian.


He’s located inside the Atomic Wrangler Casino in Freeside. Once inside, there will be a stage to the left, Hadrian can be found at the end of stage towards the right-side. Proceed to talk to him until the option comes to offer him a gig at The Aces.

In order for Hadrian to perform for The Aces, you’ll need to help him end his contract with the Atomic Wrangler. To do this, find and talk to James Garrett – he’s normally found on the first floor but sometimes he’ll be located upstairs.

While talking to James Garrett about the contract termination, you’ll be given two special dialogue options – one will require 50 Barter and the other will require 50 Speech. Either one of these will ensure that you needn’t pay a single cap. If you can’t do these, there will be an option later on in the conversation requiring 35 Barter – this will reduce the 150 Cap request to 100 Caps.

Find Hadrian and tell him the contract is no longer an issue.

Bruce Isaac

Bruce Isaac, unlike Hadrian, doesn’t require you to do any special task for him before heading off to The Aces.


Simply head over to Novac and look for the Novac Hotel. Bruce’s room is located on the second floor. When you engage in conversation with him, he’ll assume that you’re some sort of hired killer that was sent by Mr. Bishop. Once you tell him that you’re not, ask him about his situation – after he’s explained, you’ll be given the option to ask him if he’s interested in performing at The Aces.

The Lonesome Drifter

The final person you’ll need to convince is someone that goes by the name of “The Lonesome Drifter”. To find him, head over to either El Dorado Dry Lake or the El Dorado Gas and Services Station – it doesn’t matter which one, it is simply an option for players who may have only discovered one of the two locations so far in the game.


The Drifter can be found next to a Sunset Sarsaparilla billboard. He’ll be sitting down next to a camp fire. In order to be given an option of asking him to play at The Aces, you’ll need to listen to his story first before asking the question. Once you ask him, and he accepts, there will be a Barter option that requires 50 Barter – activating this dialogue will grant you the “Mysterious Magnum”.

The Mysterious Magnum is a weapon that, when taken out, will make old Western Cowboy tunes.

Completing The Quest

Now that all four individuals are at The Aces. All that is left is for you to return to Tommy – as you should of every time you convinced a person to perform there – and speak to him.

The quest should be completed at that point, and you will earn an Achievement (Xbox 360) called “Talent Pool” awarding you 20 Gamerscore points.

Note: As stated several times in the guide, you’ll need to make sure that you return to Tommy every time you convince a person, failing to do this could result in the quest becoming glitched, and ultimately your save will become corrupt in the near future. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you killed people in The Tops (excluding the Presidential Suite) Tommy will be aggressive towards you (meaning he’ll attack you) which results in you being unable to begin the quest.